Olympic Weightlifting – Wednesdays at 8am
Group WOD – Tuesday and Wednesdays at 4pm
We will offer the 4pm classes for one month.  If people attend this class time, we will keep it on the schedule.

Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

From Where Do These Workouts Come?

At CrossFit Roots we follow the mainsite on a 3 week delay.  The mainsite adheres to a 3 on/1 off (Rest Day) schedule so we do one of two things to mold the workouts into our Monday – Saturday schedule.  First, if Monday or Tuesday is a Rest Day, we will shift the workout from Sunday to one of those two days.  Usually we will simply shift those days over (keeping the same order as they came out on the mainsite).  Alternatively, the coaches may fill in with their own programming on the scheduled Rest Day.

Knowing how we program each week gives you a good idea what to expect; however, it should not serve as an exact recipe for how to figure out the workout for each day.