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Sugar – Demon or Angel?

Last week the NY Times published an article titled Is Sugar Toxic?

We’ll get on to the article in a second but I would like to point out that 13 Roots athletes emailed me the link. You guys are paying attention to your health and that rocks!  Thanks for sharing and please keep sending me interesting links!

Eric and I read the article in the car that day on a long drive – I was basically a live book on tape!  We finished the article and were revamped and recharged with our feeling that sugar is truly in fact, the devil.

But nutritional research and claims are never straightforward.  Scientists and nutritionists claim research as fact rather than hypothesis or in some cases a best guess.

So we present to you two articles.  Is Sugar Toxic and a rebuttal by Alan Aragon.

Is Sugar Toxic?

The Bitter Truth About Fructose Alarmism

What do you think?  Are you now repulsed by the thought of sugar or jumping for joy after reading Aragon’s rebuttal which in some ways frees fructose? Post to comments.