In teams of two, complete 3 metcons one after the other:
1. Run 800m in 200m increments
While one partner is running, second person must hang from pull-up bar.  Each time a team member drops from the bar the team must complete 5 burpees.  Burpees done after the 800 is completed.
2. 100 ring push-ups
Partner 1 does ring push-ups while partner 2 does L-sit hold.  When partner 2 drops from L-sit, partners switch.  Keep going until 100 push-ups are reached.
3. 200 KB goblet squats
Partner 1 does goblet squats while partner 2 does handstand hold.  When handstand person comes down, partners must switch.

Lipstick Monday! Red lips are back for the fall and Christy shared with the (mostly female) 5pm group class.

Annual Shop Closure

A reminder to all athletes that the shop will be closed from Monday, September 5th through Friday, September 9th for the annual shop closure.

The annual closure takes place every year at Labor Day.  This year, like each year, we have heard a number of athletes comment that they plan to do CrossFit in other ways – at a park, in their backyard – because they simply can’t take a week off from CrossFit.  We understand the addiction, believe us, but let us present to you a story.

This week Roots DESTROYED the week of workouts.  Hands down, across the board, the times and loads that people put up were off the charts.  Was it because we had a particularly good week?  Or was it because in the back of everyone’s head we knew that this was it for an entire week, so we better hit it hard.

This gets at the root of training, rest days, and rest periods.  If something is available to us all the time, we are less inclined to put forth the same vigor and desire as when it is part of a disciplined and structured approach.

Like many things in life that we dedicate considerable time and energy, sometimes you need to walk away to be able to come back stronger, with more focus, perspective, more zeal, and increased dedication.  There are things to be gained in the dark day in day out that is CrossFit, but there are also many things to be gained by looking back into the tunnel you’ve just come through.


We encourage you to take this time away from CrossFit to go play outside, spend some quality time with family, address an injury, make an effort to sleep more, or get some projects done that live in the back of your head!  Why?  We all need a break from this thing called CrossFit so we can come back to it refreshed and chomping at the bit!

So leave it all out there in today’s workout and come back next week ready to hit it hard!

And happy birthday Eric:)