The Open Season is 3 weeks and 3 days away! Haven’t signed-up yet? Get to it! Now, we know that the idea of a competition can seem a little daunting to those new to CrossFit and those who don’t feel worthy, but those who have been there before will tell you that you’ll be well taken care of as usual, and it’s not an experience to be missed by anyone! Here is how things will look during a typical week in the Open:
Thursday Night
The Open workout announcement is released live via The Games website and YouTube at 6pm our time. We’ll have it on the shop tv so those working out will still get to see what’s coming. Come hangout on the couches if you’re free!
Friday – Morning and Noon
Classes will run on our normal schedule and the WOD will be the Open Workout released the night before, so everyone who comes will participate (see why we want you to sign-up?). All scores reported will need to be verified, so based on how many judges are in your class, you’ll have a judge, but we can only promise you a judge at the Friday Night Lights.
Friday – 4-7pm, Friday Night Lights (2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17, 3/24)
At 4pm we fire up our Friday Night Lights series! The evening runs in heats, much like the Cool Cruel Summer Series, that you will have signed-up for the night prior. Heats times are based on the workout released so sign-ups aren’t available until later Thursday evening.
You’ll come in 15 minutes before the heat you enter, the shop will be booming, you’ll check-in with the Warmup Coach, you’ll warmup and get the lowdown on the workout along with the scaled division details, you’ll be assigned a judge, 3,2,1 go and you’ll be off! Coaches will be on-hand helping and cueing as usual, friends who did it earlier and one’s still to go will cheer you on from the sidelines, the best jams will be blaring, and when you’re done you can stick around and enjoy some food or drink provided by our sponsors and cheer on others.
Monday – Open Makeup
You were out of town skiing, we get it, so just sign-up for the Monday Open Makeup at 11:30am. Sign-up in MBO per usual.

Monday – 5pm Score Submission Cutoff
On Monday evenings at 5pm P.T. ALL score submissions are due. Please make it a habit to enter your score on the shop computer the day you complete the workout. There are no exceptions to the scoring submission deadline.