Looking to improve your Olympic lifts? Want to increase your 1 rep max clean, snatch or jerk? (Don’t we all!?!?)
For most of us CrossFitters, the ceiling for our Olympic lifts is dictated by technique rather than strength. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned CrossFit athlete, spending dedicated time with a knowledgeable coach can dramatically improve your efficiency and the almighty 1-rep max. Starting in May, Lindsay is offering a new personalized Oly program for individualized coaching and one-on-one technique work.

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The Barbell Development Program is focused on dialing in your clean, snatch, and jerk. It includes ten 60-minute personal training sessions geared towards targeting pitfalls in technique and making changes where necessary to improve your lifts. This program is for any skill level, whether you are looking to gain more confidence with barbell movements or are looking for more advanced coaching as it relates to technique and timing. With a background in CrossFit and additional certifications in Weightlifting, we’re excited for Lindsay to share her expertise through this program.
This program is perfect for you if you:
  • Know that Olympic weightlifting is your weakness amongst all CrossFit movements
  • Have developed bad habits over the years and feel “stuck” or at a dead end with the movements
  • Are newer to CrossFit and want to learn
  • Would like to add a focused effort to your training in addition to regular group classes
Because of the time dedicated to each athlete, there are only 4 spots available at this time. If you are interested in more information, contact Lindsay at [email protected].
Looking for a single training session and/or focus in other areas? Lindsay also offers individual sessions. For more details, contact her at [email protected] or [email protected].