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CrossFit for Hope Fundraiser Recap.


CrossFit for Hope Fundraiser Recap.

140 double-unders
70 wallball
35 toes-to-bar
35 hip extension
15 muscle-ups
5 rope climbs

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CrossFit for Hope Fundraiser Recap.

Saturday was a blast!

Over fifty of you came to do the workout, eat some grub, and donate to a great cause.

Together we raised over $4,000.00 and CrossFit Roots is ranked 17th in the world for its fundraising efforts!

A huge thank you and kudos to the following Roots athletes who raised $100 or more!
Jake Long – $1100
Abby Knowles – $846
Bia Yordi – $395
Tracy Emmanuel – $100
Shannah VanWinkle – $95 (really close to $100!)
Lucie Zikova – $575
Saturday Event – $390

Thanks for working out, bringing your families to cheer you on, and staying to hang out! 

Be sure to check out the event pictures in the slide show above.

And don’t forget! – Roots has a Flickr page where we post shop pictures for each month as well as for each event.