This is CrossFit Roots. One of the world’s finest affiliates known for its group class experience and its CrossFit purist mentality. Want to workout with us? 

Learn more below and be sure to use our inaugural discount code, ROOTSLOVE, good through May 1st!

We are pleased to offer you that same great group class experience – at home. The coming months are sure to be different from what we once knew. With kids out of school, work schedules changing, and limitations on how much interacting we do, it’s important to have a plan in place to get in your workout however it best fits your life and your schedule. 

Our online membership includes: 

  • Five CrossFit Roots online classes (Monday through Friday), delivered via our online video platform daily
  • Coached by our team of CrossFit Level 3 and Level 4 Trainers and Coaches
  • A complete class experience – from warm-up to movement prep to cooldown and skill work – we cover it all
  • Minimal equipment workouts programmed with a set of dumbbells or a kettlebell
  • Extensive scaling and substitution options offered within every class.
  • Searchable database to find workouts you missed or want to redo
  • AND! – Access to our partner studio online classes for YOGA and meditation!

Cost: $89/month

Do you want in? 

Use the code ROOTSLOVE before May 1st and receive $40 OFF for the life of your monthly membership. 


Who are your workouts aimed at?

CrossFitters, and not the watered down kind. The class will feel just as if you were at an affiliate. You’ll gather at the whiteboard to kick off the day and learn the workout, go through a general warm-up, prep and practice and refine the movements in the workout, hit the workout, cool down, hit some skill or core work, and call it a day.

I’ve never done CrossFit, can I do this?

Yes, with work and commitment to showing up each day, you can absolutely do this. See this video and this video and we’ll see you online!

What equipment should I have available?

Here’s the ideal list:

• A good attitude.
• A set of dumbbells, any weight is fine to start with. Think of something that you can press above your head with moderate effort into a full lockout.
• An Abmat, or a rolled-up towel
• A kettlebell
• A jump rope
• A pull-up bar, set of rings, or another set-up to pull from
• If you don’t have the ability to run, an erg or Assault bike is helpful

What if I can’t do (x) movement?

We offer a number of scaling and modification options both in the workout text and online. And, as we move to a live feed delivery of each class, you’ll be able to message us with questions.