Bring it.
Unh, unh, unh, unh
Hoo cah cah
Hah hah, hah hah
[mimicking bass line] Bicka bicka bow bow bow,
Bicka bow bow bump bump
What, what, what, what
Hah hah hah hah
On your mark 3-2-1 let’s Go
Shop floor pro I know you know
I go psycho when my clipboard hit
Just can’t sit
Gotta get JUDGEY wit it
Ooh that’s it
Now honey honey come WOD
REPS all up in my eye
You gotta Rogue bag with alotta stuff in it
Give it to your friend let’s lift
Everybody lookin’ at me
Glancin’ the kid
Wishin’ they was countin’ this rep
Here with this handsome bunch
Ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba
I just count it
It’s for the look but then I log it
Illway the an-may on the ance-day oor-flay
Givin’ up judgey make it feel like foreplay
Yo my car-dee-o is Infinit(ely scalable)-
Ha ha
Big Open Style’s all in it
Gettin’ Judgey Wit It

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