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Workout, eat clean, rest, repeat. That’s a simplified version of how athletes make permanent improvements to their health and fitness.

We want to support that goal with more than just the workout.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that beginning today (Monday, September 24th) CrossFit Roots will offer fresh, pre-made, ready to eat meals for purchase at the shop.

How Does it Work?

Visit the new Boulder Kitchen Collective fridge in the Roots store. Select your meal, swipe your card at the BKC kiosk, and head out on your way! It’s that simple.

This week’s offering:

  • Pork Carnitas and Fiesta Fall Veggies

Save the time making an additional stop for lunch and grab a meal on the way out!

About Boulder Kitchen Collective

Let us take your experience with food to the next level by providing clean, great tasting, fully prepared food that fits perfectly into Roots’ fall food challenge – the Foundations Challenge.

Ready to take on the Foundations Challenge yet find yourself overwhelmed just thinking about all the time and energy needed to get the results you are looking to achieve? Or you just flat out hate cooking…That’s ok!

Let Boulder Kitchen Collective help. Pre-order fully prepared food items you choose from our weekly menu with new selections each week, to help you simplify or even eliminate your food prep. Let us do the work so that you can get on with the challenge!

Visit us online to view new and exciting menu items, bulk items, and single meal bowls. All ingredients will be listed to ensure you hit your #800grams AND #macros goals!