Many people mark New Years Eve as the start of new beginnings.  To me, it has always been the fall.  The changing season, the switch from warm to cold weather sports, school back in session, and the hint of cool air in the mornings.  It’s a time to reflect and look back on where you were one year ago and ask yourself important questions about your short and long term goals.  Are you healthier than you were one year ago?  Are you achieving your goals?  Are you more motivated?

Since we opened 8 months ago we have seen tremendous improvement in our athletes.  Women that can do pull-ups who thought it never possible.  Men who lost 10 and 20 pounds.  Those are measurable results.  How much better our athletes feel isn’t as quantitative, but it’s real and important, too.

This is our first fall, but it is shaping up to be a memorable one: Dr. Loren Cordain is speaking on September 17th.  Our Grand Opening event is two days later on September 19th.  It’s time to acknowledge our successes, regroup for another year, and move forward, in strength.

We have one question – where will you be this time next fall?