Each coach at Roots has a special story about how they discovered CrossFit and the life-changing experiences they’ve had since starting. For many of the coaches, our first exposure to CrossFit started with a video. We were fascinated and intrigued by what we saw – so much to the point that we thought, hey, maybe we could do that too!

For Nicole, it was the workout Nasty Girls in which some of CrossFit’s most famous and original female trainers threw down on a workout that looked simply impossible to her!  

See it here.

For Connor, it was watching now 2x Games Champion Annie Thorisdottir rise to the top of the field. See Annie’s Story here

For Trevor it was the workout Tosh Does Grace, and for Dave, the CrossFit Games 2010 Adidas Commercial was the first thing that made him think, “Man! I want to do that!”

CrossFit is for any and everyone, regardless of what physical or athletic limitations.

At CrossFit Roots, we proudly welcome ALL – come get in on the fun!