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Important Posts From the Past Week!


Important Posts From the Past Week!

5 sets of:

7 rounds of the sequence:
Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Rest as needed between each of the five sets.  Add weight each set as you would a lifting set.  Record load for each of the five sets (35 reps per set).  Setting the bar down is or resting on the ground is considered a failed set.  Athletes can combine movements as long as the full range of motion is completed for each lift.  The front squat and push press may be combined into a thruster; however, the power clean not be turned into a squat clean and lead directly into the thruster.

Important Posts From the Past Week!

We dropped a ton of information this week on programming, results tracking and logging, plans for the fall, and the 2015 Competitor Program interest meeting.

Take a moment to read over the following posts this weekend:

A (Perfect) Storm is Brewing
Programming, coach observations, and where (as a shop) we’re headed come September.

Programming – Innovate or Die
A history of programming at Roots and an overview of the programming changes for the fall.

Planned Benchmarks for the Year 
Specific benchmark testing calendar and workouts.

Log Your Workouts or Bust – SugarWOD What?!
Overview of the workout logging application SugarWOD and our decision to move all athletes onto one platform.

2015 Competitor Program Interest Meeting
Details on the program interest meeting, date/time, and overview of what will be covered.