Join us this week for one of FIVE Meet-Ups! Let’s reconnect, talk shop, and say hello to the folks you workout alongside with at Roots.

Find your normal class time below and the associated day this week and meet us at 6pm on Zoom!*

Meet-Up Schedule

Monday, April 13th – 7:30/8:30/9:30am classes

Tuesday, April 14th – 5:30am classes

Wednesday, April 15th – 11:30/12:30 classes

Thursday, April 16th – 6:30am classes

Friday, April 17th – 4/5/6pm classes

*All Zoom meet up links will be posted in SugarWOD the day off. Simply look in the section where you normally find the workout of the day and you’ll see the Zoom link and password to join the day’s Meet-Up!