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Mike Cerbus, Olympic Weightlifting Coach, Power Monkey Coach, and former American Open Champion is coming back to CrossFit Roots the week of October 22nd. 

Whether you are a seasoned lifter or just getting started with CrossFit, we highly recommend you take advantage of this unique opportunity. While Mike has a tremendous background training high-level athletes, much of his work is with beginner lifters – so get on it!

3-Day Clinics

Reserve a spot in one of Mike’s 3-day, 4-person clinics! Ability level should NOT limit you from signing up and anyone looking to improve their lifts will benefit greatly (and have a blast). 

The clinics will meet at the following times:

  1. 5:30 am Clinic – Tu 10/23, W 10/24, Th 10/25
  2. 12:30 pm Clinic – Tu 10/23, W 10/24, Th 10/25
  3. 5:00 pm Clinic – Tu 10/23, W 10/24, Th 10/25

The cost of the clinic is $75/person for the three sessions. Payment will be made directly to Mike via check or Venmo upon arrival at the first session.

Private 1-on-1 and 2-on-1 Sessions

Want a little 1-on-1 time? Schedule a private session. The sessions are $100/person for 1-on-1 and $150 for 2-on-1. Individuals who wish to do a 2-on-1 session must sign-up with the person they will split the session with. Payment will be made directly to Mike via check or Venmo upon arrival to the session. See sign-up link below for available private session times. 

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About Mike

Mike has competed Nationally and Internationally in the sport of Weightlifting for the last 10 years. He has medalled at 3 National Championships and 5 American Open Championships, taking the title in 2011 as American Open Champion, while also being selected to the United States Pan American & Olympic Qualification Teams in 2012.

Since 2009 Mike has been instructing all levels across the United States and the world. This immersion into the fitness community has allowed him to adapt weightlifting principles and instruction in order to best meet the needs of those at the most beginner levels up to elite level competitors looking to refine their movements.

His best lifts include a 140kg (308lb) Snatch, a 170kg (374lb) Clean & Jerk, a 530lb squat, and 500lb deadlift at a bodyweight under 170lbs.