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Oly Meet Recap!


Oly Meet Recap!

3 rounds for time of:
50 hip extensions
25 strict pull-ups

Tons of Roots athletes competed in this fall's Oly meet last weekend.

Tons of Roots athletes competed in this fall’s Oly meet last weekend.

Oly Meet Recap!

The Roots Fall Oly Meet took place the Saturday before Thanksgiving and was a huge success!  Forty-eight competitors lifted in the biggest weightlifting meet Roots has hosted. 16 Roots athletes represented with great technique, speed, and strength.

This was Roots’ first meet that utilized the Sinclair coefficient which equalizes weight between lifters, as well as the Malone-Meltzer coefficient which equalizes age for anyone over 31.

Here are the highlights from Roots athletes:

Pam Walter finished 5th overall with 90lb. snatch and a 120lb. clean and jerk.

Trish Krystman lifted a nice 125/150.

Megan Isherwood had a strong showing with 120/157.5

Arlene Brugal looked great and hit 125/150

Maria Paz Riquelme 95/135 first meet

Courtney Prentice 110/135 first meet

Emily Moore 70/85 was very resilient

Jake Fojtek 207.5/245 got 2 new meet pr’s!

Arch Ollennu 175/215 first meet and went 6 for 6!

Sam Gaard 187.5/215 lifted very well

Luke Ursell 160/200 meet pr!

Fletch Brown155/205 first meet

Baker Mulherin 135/205 first meet

Stephen Venable 165/205 first meet

John Lauer 155/235 first meet

Jonathan Woodard 140/205 first meet

Thanks to Roots for hosting our meet as well as our sponsors Suerte Tequila, SFH, Justin’s, and Life of Reilly Foods. Thanks also to Fate brewing for providing delicious foods.