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Olympic Weightlifting Club and Oly Foundations


Olympic Weightlifting Club and Oly Foundations

We are pleased to announce the next cycle for Olympic Weightlifting Club as well as the next Olympic Weightlifting Foundations Course.
Olympic Weightlifting Club

This 3 days per week program aims to develop athletes in the Olympic lifts in a dedicated training environment. The USAW Club team is coached by Ryan Landis.
The program is suitable for a variety of athletes including those who would like to train and compete in the sport, those who would like to address a weakness in the breadth of their CrossFit abilities, and those who enjoy the sport.
Summer Olympic Weightlifting Club Cycle Dates: April 30th to July 21st
Meeting Times: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6:30-8:00 AM*
Cost: $375 ($125/month) for members, $480 ($160/month) for non-members.
*Includes access to Open Shop.

Olympic Weightlifting Foundations

Spend two days working with coach Ryan in detail on the snatch and clean and jerk. This course consists of two 1-hour sessions and is limited to ten spots. Completion of this course allows access to 3 Oly classes per week which are already included in your membership and are super fun!
When: April 24/26 (Tue., Thurs.)
Meeting Time: 11am-12pm
Cost: $50.00
Why: Because it’s fun and you want at get better at snatching and clean and jerking!

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Email [email protected] for more information on either program or to sign-up for Oly Club.