Did you know that with your Roots membership you have access to over 100 classes each week! Our aim is to see you at the shop no less than three times per week!

Build Your Weekly Schedule

We recommend that you start with a good baseline of CrossFit classes. Select 3 CrossFit classes and book them in your calendar. This will give you the baseline of GPP (general physical preparedness) that is the design of our program. You’ll do stuff you love, and stuff you don’t love, all with the focus on creating resilient, lean, and strong athletes.

Work Your Weakness

One of the hallmarks of CrossFit is for athletes to work their weaknesses. We know that when athletes work their weaknesses, they improve their physical fitness more than by working their strengths. This can be hard to swallow as it is sometimes challenging to do the stuff we’re not good at!
At Roots we offer a variety of specialty classes to give you the opportunity to work your weakness and bring additional depth to your workout program. The goal with these classes is for the athlete to add them to their weekly repertoire of 3 classes per week. If you find yourself substituting these classes in your schedule so you don’t have to sweat or breath hard, come talk to us!

What Specialty Classes Do You Offer?

  • Olympic Weightlifting (see below for class updates)
  • Strength
  • SWEAT Row
  • Strongman
  • Active Recovery

Check out the list below for updates on each class as well as details on how you should make use of your weekly schedule!

Olympic Weightlifting

Calling all weightlifters! If you enjoy the challenge of the snatch and clean and jerk and want to hone your skills in these two movements, good news! The prerequisite foundations course has been lifted and these classes are available to group class members.


Strength class focuses on the major barbell lifts. Expect to squat, deadlift, and press alongside accessory movements to help develop your lifts.


SWEAT is a 45-minute high-intensity cardio based class that involves running, rowers, bikes, and basic bodyweight movements.


Think spin class on an erg! This 45-minute cardio-based class will work you through intervals, tempos, and more.


Sleds, sandbags, yoke, and more. Come apply your strength in new ways and work that short (short!) time domain of super intense and short bursts of effort. This class meets at 12:30 pm. Please note, Strongman Open Sesh on Fridays is still available only to those who have passed the prerequisite course.

Active Recovery

Many people follow a schedule that puts Thursday as their weekly rest day. Come in on Thursdays for a class meant to build you up and reset so that you feel refreshed, mobile, and ready for whatever lies ahead in your weekend.

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