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Preservation of Health


Preservation of Health

Rapid fire push jerk
Athlete must lower bar and immediately go into next jerk.

From the office of Dr. Stephen Melis.

Preservation of Health

While getting some good old body maintenance the other day, I ran into the poster pictured above.  The quote, underneath a healthy looking athlete, read, “the preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease.”

This sums it all up in one beautiful sentence.  Take care of your body, mind, and soul and you will rock it.  We can certainly help you take care of your body – through exercise, fueling, and sleep.

Next Tuesday evening we’re going to lay down some great stuff!  At 6:00pm we’ll detail the Winter Sleep & Recovery Challenge and at 7:00pm we’ll do the monthly Food Chalk Talk.  Come to one or both.

If you come workout that day as well, you’ll be able to check the exercise, sleep, and fueling boxes toward the preservation of your health – all in the same day!

Make the commitment to preserving (and bettering further) your health and longevity.  Take the first step and come listen and learn on Tuesday night.  Pencil it in, make the time, book the babysitter, and make no excuses.

You deserve it.