Reminder: Class held at the new space beginning Monday, July 13!
WOD: “Randy
75 pound Power snatch, 75 reps for time.
“When there’s 1003 pounds on the bar, the universe would like there to be a vertical bar path.”
– Mark Rippetoe, Rip Quote of the Day
Sign-up for an Upcoming Foundations Course.  Spaces limited.
Two Foundations Courses start next week!

Schedule 1 – M, T, Th at 11:00 AM (July 13th – August 6th), 1 space left
Schedule 2 – T, Th, Sat at 7:00PM on T/Th and 10:00AM on Saturday (July 13-August 8th), 2 spaces left

After completing the Course, you’re ready to join our group classes.
Our class schedule for the new space will be as follows:
6AM: M, W, F
9:00AM: Saturday
12PM: M, W, F (beginning August 17th)
6:00PM: M, T, W, TH
CF Endurance swim workout at Spruce Pool: Tuesdays, 6:00AM