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Schedule Updates and Additions


Schedule Updates and Additions

NOTE: All classes will meet at CrossFit Roots tomorrow (Wednesday) at their scheduled time; however, the class will take place be at a nearby location.  Please be on time for class to jog with the group to the class site.  Also, please arrange any necessary bathroom needs prior to class.

15 minutes of handstand walking practice
20 minute AMRAP
1 forward roll
5 squat jumps
10 push-ups
20 KB snatch
30 KB swing

Two weeks out of Foundations and Ben is off and running. Nice work last Saturday.

Please note the updates and additions to the class schedule as well as the start date

1. Tuesday and Thursday 4pm group WOD added to schedule 
Classes begin 7/20 and are offered on a trial basis for the first month (ie if no one shows up we will not continue to offer this time slot)
2. Wednesday morning Oly at 8am
Classes begin 7/13
3. Endurance WOD – TBD at Friday info session

1. Strength class moved from 7 to 6pm on Thursday evenings 
2. Thursday night Oly has been removed from the schedule 
3. Saturday classes offered at 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30