But can you workout while having to count, concentrate, and communicate with your teammate?

Today’s workout is an opportunity for Paleo teams to earn an extra point in the challenge.


10 rounds for time of:
20 KB swings(P)/PVC overhead squats(S)
Bear crawl/Long jump to the other station
10 Burpees(P)/Plank hold(S)
P = primary move, S = secondary move

How it works:
There is a primary and a secondary move at each station.  The primary movers do the exercise with an assigned rep number (20 KB swings, 10 burpees).  While one person does the 20 kettlebell swings, the teammate must do overhead squats.  Teammates travel to the other station doing bear crawl or long jump depending on direction.  At the opposite station the primary and secondary movers switch.  If you did burpees on one side, you will do PVC overhead squats at the other station.  After completing five rounds, the primary mover for each station switches.  If you did KB swings for the first five rounds, you will do burpees for the last five rounds.  Teammates MUST start their exercises together.

Make sense?  We’ll do a walk through prior to the start.

Workout in the Park – Sunday, North Boulder Park at 9am!  Be there.
Curious about this thing called CrossFit?  Our weekend workouts are open to all.  Email if you are interested in participating or just show up 15 minutes prior to the start.