Thank you all for your interest and participation in the StrongMan program to date!  We wanted to provide everyone with more information about the Foundation and OpenSesh sessions and policies.


The Foundations program consists of four sessions over the course of four weeks to introduce the basics of StrongMan movements.  Attendance is free, but you need to register and attend all the sessions to complete the program. We are trying to rotate the time at which these occur.  Due to the nature of the StrongMan equipment and exercises, these classes cannot occur with other classes in the gym.
The next Foundations session will occur on Wednesdays 2:30-3:45 PM in September (6th, 13th, 20th, 27th). Registration is limited to 12 people.  We will have an evening course in October.

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Members are eligible for OpenSesh sessions only after completion of the Foundations program. OpenSesh sessions are not a formally coached class. EC may or may not be there. Workouts will be posted at the left-most end of the whiteboard each week.
As of today, OpenSesh times are now Thursdays 10:30A-11:30A and Fridays 2:30PM-4 PM. Spaces are limited to 12 people per usual.

Here are a few important rules regarding the OpenSesh sessions:

  • Classes have priority at their scheduled times.  StrongMan training cannot interfere with class start and end times.
  • Equipment must be out of the way, off the turf, and class equipment repositioned by the appropriate times (e.g., 11:30 AM and 4 PM).
  • All equipment needs to be put back in its starting position.
  • The Thursday time frame is especially tight.  It is recommended participants arrive ~10:20 AM to warm-up on their own before the prior class ends.  Some exercises that can be performed outside will be listed last in case participants are running over time (e.g., sandbag carry).
Looking forward to seeing you in class and of course, more people carrying those sandbags!