1-rep-max snatch

No time cap other than you must finish before class is over.

In this event you will perform a snatch for max load. There is no minimum or maximum number of attempts. Your score will be the heaviest weight you successfully snatch. You may not use plates smaller than 1/2 lb.  

Sugar is to Blame

I swam competitively in college. Because my activity level and training volume was so huge, I thought I could eat whatever I wanted, and I did. It was not uncommon for our team to have soft serve ice-cream from the dinning hall after EVERY MEAL.

But as the article listed below points out, you can’t outrun (or out swim) a bad diet. Oftentimes we think of diet and exercise as a teeter-totter. If we eat a bit too much, we just workout more the next day, but it doesn’t work like that. Exercise and diet should be thought of as two separate pieces to one puzzle for health.

“You cannot outrun a bad diet, experts warn, as they suggest greed, not sloth is causing Britain’s expanding waistlines.”

Sugar is to Blame