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Tag, You're It.


Tag, You're It.

In 2 teams, complete 4 rounds, alternating runs and Cindy rounds, of:
Team 1: Run 800m
Team 2: Max rounds Cindy

Team 1 runs 800m while Team 2 simultaneously tries to accumulate as many rounds of Cindy as possible (all team members working at the same time). As Team 1′s members return, they will each run in and tag a member of Team 2 of their choice. When a person is tagged, they are “out” and no longer able to contribute rounds of Cindy to their team score. At the completion of a round, the team doing rounds of Cindy will report their rounds. Count complete rounds of Cindy only.  Team with most Cindy rounds wins.  

Accessory work and maintenance: reverse hyper, GHD, mobility. Do you do it?

Tag, You’re It.

Happy Labor Day!

Don’t forget about these exciting events coming up at Roots this week!!

Friday, September 7th 5:00-7:00pm – Roots 3 Year Anniversary Party and Athlete Appreciation Picnic.  
We REALLY want you to come but you absolutely need to RSVP!  Please email Stefanie immediately if you plan to attend and did not respond to the Evite.  Thanks!  

Saturday, September 8th 8:00, 9:00, & 10:00am classes – Park Workout!
Sleds, and sprints, and teams oh my!  Come out  to North Boulder Park for a fun one!