“It’s my life, It’s now or never.”

Bon Jovi

Join us for a two-part effort where we aim to first hit the “reset” button and then move the needle toward increased quality and an appropriate quantity of the foods we eat. And yes, just like Bon Jovi said, it’s your life. We want to help you find the best version of your life and nutrition is the ticket.

Nutrition is the foundation of the CrossFit program. To quote the What is Fitness article, “we don’t deliberately order the components of the pyramid, but nature will, if you have a deficiency at any level of the pyramid, all of the components above will suffer.” We can’t stress this enough! After more than a decade of working with athletes at Roots, we know that until an athlete addresses their nutrition, they will see a small fraction of their results and potential. Nutrition is so important, that it makes up the foundation of our program.

As the saying goes, you cannot out-train a bad diet. This applies to body composition, results in the gym, blood markers, longevity, and more. Now more than ever perhaps, creating a solid foundation of nutrition within one’s lifestyle should be at the top of our priority list.

Most members have multiple reasons for why they want to eat well. It usually involves a combination of factors such as – I want to increase my performance at the gym, I want to look good naked, and I want to support my chances of living a long and prosperous life. This effort is well-suited for all of those goals.


This is an 8-week effort that begins with a focus on quality via the 800g Challenge. In the second phase, we will address protein consumption and the elimination of processed and inflammatory foods.


This fall, the nutrition challenge comes at no cost to our current members. Thank you for your commitment to Roots, your fitness, and this community during the pandemic. Let’s get together and collectively move the gym and our community forward in health and fitness.

PHASE 1: October 14th – November 11th

The 800 Gram Challenge (#800gChallenge®) is a tool to guide healthy eating. It provides a simple method to make sure you hit a healthy daily dose of fruits and veggies. As a result, people experience weight loss, better performance, improved recovery, and a better relationship with food.

PHASE 2: November 11th – December 2nd

This phase will address the elimination of processed and inflammatory foods to include alcohol and added sugar. Athletes will also learn how to eat protein to fuel lean body mass. Details to be released during Week 3 of Phase 1.

Phase 2 Supporting Lists (published Week 3)


We love data and basic body composition numbers give you insight and valuable information. For this effort, we recommend you record the following data prior to starting:

  • Body weight
  • Photos (front, side, back)
  • Measurements to include waist, chest, hips

Additionally, we recommend that you get an InBody scan before and after. CrossFit Roots offers an InBody Scan package that can be purchased prior to the start of the effort. Nutrition and supplement companies within the area also provide the service.

InBody Scan: $35

InBody Scan Year Membership: Unlimited scans for one year, $105 (limited time offer, ends November 11th)


October 1 – October 14th: COMMITMENT AND INTAKE

Write your name on the Whiteboard at the shop to say you’re IN. Complete your intake data and get an InBody scan. Find friends at the gym that are also committed. Start absorbing the material and 1-sheet in SugarWOD prior to the challenge.

October 14 – November 11: PHASE 1

Up the quality of your diet, learn to make better choices, connect with other members also doing the challenge, and start making progress!

November 12 – December 2nd: PHASE 2

Make strides toward CrossFit’s dietary prescription by addressing protein consumption and eliminating inflammatory and processed foods.

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake levels to that which will support exercise, but not body fat.

CrossFit’s dietary prescription.
December 2 – December 9: OUTTAKE

Repeat your InBody scan, retake your body measurements, and pictures. Share your results with us! Consider ongoing 1-on-1 nutrition coaching to continue making progress.


See the FAQ below. Then post your question in comments. That way we can respond and share answers and information for all participants.


What if I can’t make it to the gym to get my workout points?

If you are not able to make it to the shop, you will need to complete one of the workouts in the At Home track to earn your workout points for the day.

What if I’m vegan or vegetarian?

We do not recommend doing this challenge if you are vegan or vegetarian. The scope of the challenge includes the consumption of animal protein in Phase 2.

Should I have a protein shake after my workouts?

If your body fat is 15% or higher, we do not recommend protein shakes as part of your diet.

How many times per day should I eat?

We recommend you start with 3-4 plated meals per day and eliminate snacking.

Where can I find the Bon Jovi video?