Each minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
5 pull-ups
10 push-ups
15 squats

Earlier this month, Tosh tackled the Tahoe 200. The Tahoe 200 is a 205 mile run event with 70,234 ft of elevation change that must be completed within 100 hours. It’s the real deal. Sometime after he finished he posted a pic on Instagram with a few of this thoughts from and during the race. It’s his last thought that I think is a great reminder to us all.

“Final Post; Tahoe 200
Somewhere along the way it registered with me something that I’ve heard over and over… “That’s the @CrossFit guy”. It’s been a few events I’ve heard this a few times now. And until halfway through this race did I spend any time contemplating it.

When you are at an ultra endurance running event of 205.5 miles you find yourself surrounded by endurance athletes and a general physique/training regimen. At the 50’s and 100’s it’s actually more noticeable. But, I think it is super safe to say that I’m the only one in the field that can bench press my body weight x20, deadlift 2x BW, squat BW x30, and hit sets of 20 pull-ups all day long. I also carry around a significantly greater body mass.

I love the fact that this standout puts a deal of speculation about how I will perform. There is never a question to whether I have a chance of finding myself on the podium. In fairness, I have zero desire or expectation of this either. But, many simply wonder not if, but when I will not be able to finish. In many’s mind CrossFit just has no place in this community. So I supremely enjoy the label as I go out and not only finish, but do significantly better than average. This with less than 30miles of run training in the past 3 months. I’m actually more excited for being known as such than having my past recognized as being a Marine; that usually affords a ton of undue extra credit.

Last thought… I don’t CrossFit to be the best CrossFitter. I don’t CrossFit to be better at CrossFit. I think so many have lost sight of the concept that you CrossFit to be better at Life. Life’s demands. I enjoy being able to walk into whatever event and have enough capacity to achieve success. To expect success. The mental fortitude for this I give greatest credit to my #USMC story and I credit my fitness capacity to #CrossFit.

A special thanks to @roguefitness for giving me the opportunity to test and present my capabilities.”

It’s good to take a step back from time to time and remind yourself why you do what you do, or in this case why you CrossFit. For 99.999% of you it isn’t to be the next Rich Froning, to be the best at CrossFit. CrossFit, for the vast majority of us, makes us better at dealing with life, whether that means other sports, keeping up with our kids, or living a more active and healthy lifestyle.  Tosh nails my reason for it, “being able to walk into whatever event and have enough capacity to achieve success. To expect success.” Sure, we look good naked too, but that’s just a byproduct. Keep in mind your reason for being here and you’ll get the most out of every workout.
Congrats Tosh and thanks for the reminder!