The Open is HERE! – OH. MY. GOSH.
In just a few short days we’ll learn the first workout of the 2018 CrossFit Open. At the beginning of each week, for the next five weeks, we’ll post a weekly guide to the Friday Night Lights festivities. 
Be sure to read through the information to be in the know about:

  • The weekly Warm-up Coach
  • Our team of judges
  • Our weekly sponsors
  • Who’s bringing dinner (which Food Truck will be onsite this week)

Did you know there are over 100 Roots athletes signed up for The Open? It’s not too late to join in the fun! Sign-up Here.

Warm-up Coach, Week 1 – Nicole Christensen

Each week the warm-up area is stocked with a Roots coach who is affectionately called – The Warm-up Coach! As you all know we will be running WODs in heats through the night which means you’ll be responsible for warming yourself up but have no fear, a Warmup Coach will be near!

In addition to the coaches that are present and floating around to help you with the Open, each week there is a designated Warmup Coach (WC) in the warmup area.  The WC will change each week and we’ll introduce them here, in the weekly guide. 

The WC is there to answer any questions you have regarding how to warm up (a specific warmup will be written on the whiteboard), discuss movement standards, chat about “to scale or not to scale”, how to approach the workout, give you a pep talk, and all that good stuff.  They will also gather you and the rest of your heat minutes before it is time for your heat.


We have a dynamite group of folks who have taken and passed the judges course! If you have taken the judges course but not yet signed up to judge on Friday Nights, please view this doc and sign-up for what you are able. Thank you for volunteering! We couldn’t do this without you!

Sponsors and Prizes

We kick things off for The Open series with Bulletproof! – the founders of Bulletproof coffee and makers of high-performance food, drinks & supplements to power your life.
We’ll raffle off 4 gift bags at Friday Night Lights! Anyone who is signed up for The Open or judging can enter to win!

  • 1 brain Octane 32oz
  • 1 bag of collagen
  • 1 12oz bag of whole bean coffee
  • 1 travel mug

Thank you to Bulletproof for its support of Friday Night Lights!


New for this year, we’ll have a food truck on-site for all of your dinner needs for some weeks of Friday Night Lights! And, Week 1, we’ll have Miller’s BBQ Food Truck serving up dinner from 5-6:30pm! Come do the workout and then hang out with friends and family over dinner.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Watch the LIVE Announcement on Thursday night at 6pm to learn the workout. Go here to watch or come by the shop, we’ll have it on!
2. Sign-up on MBO for a heat time for Friday night. Heat times will be posted by 9pm in MBO on Thursday evenings. If you can’t make Friday night, be sure to sign-up for a regular group class.
3. Show up on Friday. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before your heat begins so you have plenty of time to change clothes, check-in with the WC, and get ready.
4. Do the workout!
5. Grab dinner at Miller’s BBQ Food Truck cheer on other athletes, BYOB, and smile – you did it!
Questions about ANYTHING Open related? Post to comments.