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Each evening Eric or I head into the kitchen around 5:30pm to make dinner. The counters are clean, bare, glistening – GORGEOUS.

By 6:15 pm it looks as if the kitchen has exploded. 

Dirty dishes are in the sink and surround the dry rack. 1-3 frying pans are strewn across the stove with varying degrees of residue caked to the bottom. The oven is on. The cutting board is out, the compost bin is on the counter, broccoli stalk pieces are all over the counter. Various forks, knives, and spoons are dispersed throughout the scene. 

The cleanup event that happens after we sit down for dinner takes (almost) as long as putting our kids to bed.

I used to feel bad about this, but thanks to Michael Pollan’s video on what home cooking does for your overall diet, I’m feeling less bad. Check out this great 2-minute video!

Thanks for the recommendation Dave! 

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