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You Are Selling Yourself Short if You Don’t Track Your Progress


You Are Selling Yourself Short if You Don’t Track Your Progress

Five rounds for time of: 
135 pound Thruster, 15 reps
Run 400 meters

scale as necessary, duh.

From ring muscle-ups to bar muscle-ups. Each are an important skill. Neither is better than the other.

Using Beyond the Whiteboard

Yesterday we talked about how to create a warm-up that would set you on a course for a one rep max.  Today, we’ll talk about what to do with that new number you achieved.

You are selling yourself short if you don’t track your progress. Without writing down your workout times and weights, max reps, and skills developed you have no way to gauge your improvement or identify weaknesses and accomplishments. Most importantly, you are not holding yourself accountable for your performance.

The data can also be used as a pick me up.  Maybe you have a bad workout and leave the shop feeling disappointed.  A quick look at your log and you see that in the grand scheme it was just one bad day, you PR’ed your CF Total the week before, and three days before you did Helen :28 seconds faster than three months ago.  Without that information your imagination can run wild with negative thoughts about your training and it can derail you. Stay on track and positive by logging your workouts!

In the shop, we give you the opportunity to utilize the technologically advanced method of results tracking provided by BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD.

Beyond the Whiteboard lets you post results for every CrossFit workout, see previous WOD results, keep track of food and nutrition, track benchmark workouts like Fran and Helen, and view graphs of your information (Source:  Check it out and see what you think.

After completing the Foundations Course you each received an email invitiation to create an account.  If you need a new invitation, simply email June at june @ and request a new invite.

Roots covers your BTWB membership, so take advantage of this great resource!