In CrossFit we say that “routine is the enemy.”

Today, I’m going to tell you that the time of day that you workout during this closure needs to be routine. Or, at least be on a set schedule each day.

For many people, their class attendance schedule follows a routine pattern. They go to 8:30am during the week, except on Tuesdays when they do Strongman at 12:30, and on the weekends they do the 9:30am class on Sundays.

In this new landscape, we want you to find your new routine. There is a layer of accountability that comes with having to sign-up for classes, and yes, incurring a small late fee helps prevent blowing off class for happy hour. More consistency equals more fitness!

Here’s how you can make your schedule:

First – we want you to workout five days a week.

That’s right. Not three, or four. Five. You can do this and it is both needed and an opportunity during this time. Walking the dog and yoga do not count – although they are great activities. Working out means you find intensity in the effort.

Second – make your schedule.

We want you to sit down and make a set schedule of the times you will work out for the week. It does not have to be the same time every day, but there should be five specific times and days that you are committing to workout.

Ask yourself the following questions to help create your ideal schedule. Will you commit to working out first thing when you wake up every day? Do you need to workout early before the rest of your house wakes up so it gets done? Do you have a spouse who also needs a slot to workout? Do you have a few kids to workaround? Do you normally workout at 7:30 am but that’s just not going to work at this point? Yea, we get it.

Third – call a friend.

You have two options here. Find a friend who will commit to workout with you at the same time. Call them when you guys start. Hangout on FaceTime through the warm-up just until you’re ready to start the workout.

Alternatively, you can ask a friend or your partner for some accountability. “Hey, I’m working out at 8:00 am everyday and I need you to help me to make sure I start and follow through.”

20+ Times in April

Your goal is to workout 20+ times during the month of April. Make a sheet of paper or track it in SugarWOD starting Monday!

Reminder About the LIVE Classes

Remember! The LIVE classes live on Facebook AFTER they are recorded. If you need the guidance or find you’re more accountable if you click the video, watch the video when you’re ready to go!

This means that if you want to workout at 6:00am but you want to do it alongside a LIVE class, you’ll want to find the class from the day before, and do it!

Share your story. Do you have a crazy schedule but are making it work with kids and family or spouse and job? Let us know! We’d love to share a few stories about how other folks are getting it DONE.