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Your Workout: Made Possible By…


Your Workout: Made Possible By…


21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips

Bird and Josie rock the family picnic. Josie likes dirt so we're sure she'll like CrossFit. Now accepting 2 year-olds...

Making it Work

I’ve realized recently that many of you have to plan way in advance to come to Roots. Sunday night’s dinner includes a discussion to plan and divy out the week’s responsibilities.  You have to communicate with your spouse, agree on child drop-off and pick-up, and sync up with work responsibilities and requirements, all to make your 3-5 hours of CrossFit each week.  It’s a far more involved task than an individual making the daily on-the-fly decision to workout, or not.

I appreciate, admire, and respect this fact – that each of you have chosen to make Roots a priority for you.  In turn, we hope to provide you with something that you can call your own.  A piece of the day set aside for you that allows you to be better in your job, for your kids, and to your spouse.

Keep up the good work.  Eric and I certainly admire your efforts.