Run and Squat in Perfect Harmony.    June 5 2012


10 x 2:00 minute intervals of:
Run 200m
3 front squats

No press outs here.

Run and Squat in Perfect Harmony.

Some folks love to squat, while others would gladly run.  This workout combines both.  Which part are you looking forward to?  Which part do you dread?  How will you push yourself through the part you don’t like?  How will you excel at the part you do like?

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  • Hannahlys

    Squatting is infinitely better. But I’ve learned that smiling while running is very helpful. Smiling increases positive affect, encourages positive association, and increases pain tolerance. If running is as horrible for you as it is for me, try it. :)

  • Davis Hart

    No snatch. Me happy.

  • lisa p

    What Davis said. 

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