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Tough Mudder


Tough Mudder

3 rounds for time:
40 double-unders
30 abmat sit-ups
20 dumbbell thrusters (35/25)
10 pull-ups

Cassie finished 3rd in the LGNChallenge and is becoming an overall rockstar.

Tough Mudder

The Tough Mudder is this weekend in Avon, Colorado.  Many folks at Roots are headed up to do the challenge or cheer on a friend.  Are you signed up?  Is it your first time, third time?  Post to comments.

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  1. Get Down & DIRTY CF Roots TUFF MUDDERS!!  Wish I could be there but my gal pal and I from  Baltimore will be getting massages & pedicures instead of electro-shock therapy, lol!  
    Look for my co-worker Brandon in the Costume Contest — he’ll be one of the Daisy Dukes 🙂 and if you were there last year, they were Ooompa Loompas.  I am sooo going to be a Mudder next year….