Na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye…    October 12 2009


30 Muscle-ups for time

And they’re off!  Today is Day 1 of the Paleo Team Challenge!  Check to see which team you are on.  Team captains are listed first and have an asterisk next to their name.  Team captains, you will receive an email today with your teammates’ email addresses.  Team names are due to Nicole by Wednesday at 8pm!

THE POT For $20 you can enter to win the Paleo Team Challenge.  The entire pot will go to the INDIVIDUAL who accumulates the most points.  You are not required to buy in but, obviously, you are eligible to win only if you put in $20 from the get go.  You can give your $20 to Nicole this week.

Paleo Team Challenge Teams

Team 1: Blakely* Asha Christy Emily Jasmine

Team 2: James* Jordan June Meredith KU Molly

Team 3: Molly* Nick Nicole Olivia Paul

Team 4: Stephanie* Sarah Scott Terri Zack

A few point corrections!  See below: Day of Paleo Food: 3 points per day (all or nothing) Sleep: 1 point per 8 hours WOD: 1 point per workout Submit recipe: 5 points (one time) PR an indicator WOD: 5 points/workout Alcohol more than 2x per week: minus 5 points Dried fruit more than 1x per day: minus 1 point