The Fall Apparel Line – So Hot.    July 27 2010


For time:
225 pound Back squat, 20 reps
40 Toes to bar
60 Kettlebell swings, 2 pood

Fraser back from the second run in Luce. Don't be fooled, this guy can run. Ask him about his Boulder Peak experience next time you see him - he rocked the house using CrossFit to train!


Fall Apparel Line – What do You Want on Your Skin?

Ok Roots Crew, fall is quickly approaching.  We’re getting ready to put together a badass line-up of new apparel.  What do you want to see offered in the fall?  Be reasonable but please do let us know!  Colors?  Beanies or baseball caps?  Sweatshirts or zip-up hoodies?  Tanks or sports bras?  American Apparel or otherwise?  And don’t worry, we’ve already got the underwear in the works.  Post to comments.

Jason and Barbara – get ready!  As the winners of our One Year Anniversary Raffel, you have a full line of apparel coming to you this fall!


  • Lawrence

    What about some dude muscle shirts? We’d like to show off the guns every now and then too.

    Failing that baseball hats would be ballin’.

  • RootsGirl

    I’m thinking we need a round of sweatshirts. Pure hoodies with the pocket in the front.

  • jason E

    Can’t wait! Hoodies for sure…

  • Lil Jim

    Hoodies. Giddy up.

  • Chris D

    American Apparel… 50/50 rocks……..

    – T-shirts : A standard and something I can wear to work (I love Boulder work attire)
    – Hoodies w/ zip: Summer will be gone before we know it.
    – Sox (cycling style)
    …… Colors? I like the back to basic look of the current Ts and the older Ts

  • Christy

    I love a good beanie in the winter. so those would be fun

    What about a long sleeve tee?

    I love colors – what about a good red, or purple?

    And, hoodies are great.

  • Chris Hansen

    Put another vote in for Lawrence’s input – guy muscle shirts and baseball caps…

  • Jasmine

    I’d be interested in a fleece jacket or a running jacket.

    A long-sleeve shirt made with quick-drying material (high percentage polyester a la “Dri-Fit” or “VaporWick”) instead of cotton would be good, too.

    And beanies would be great.

  • Allison

    Full zip hoodies (women’s sizes too!) and beanies.

    Lightweight athletic wool (Smartwool) tops would be sweet, too!

    Let me know if you want some help with the graphics part…

  • Nisha

    wicking shirt. fleece vest. like the long sleeve t idea too.

  • Karen

    I echo Jasmine on the long-sleeve shirt made with quick-drying material. I would like a running jacket or a zip up hoodie. A beanie might be fun. I like Christy LOVE COLOR so anything bright would make me happy, or the oposite extreme Navy or black. NO WHITE!

  • Gator

    Hi Everybody! Just got back to Boulder — Hope you’ve had a great summer!!! I vote for a fitted long sleeve dri-fit type winter inside/outside WOD shirt. and of course some muscle t’s for the guys! ha!

  • Lawrence

    What about a nice polo for business casual days? Possibly with one of the awesome Roots slogans we came up with printed on the back. It’s like a mullet: business in the front, party in the back.

    Definitely stick with American Apparel. I really like the longer cut of their t-shirts.

  • Julia Uhlendorf

    Zippered hoodies and tech-t’s would be awesome. And I’m definitely with Lawrence about the longer length of the American Apparel t-shirts…

  • Emily

    Sweatshirt hoodies that don’t zip, American Apparel, and Purple!!!!

  • johnhex

    I like the crossfit shoes that he is wearing. I ordered same red colored shoe for me from Boxoutfitters.