Valentine’s Day Roots Couples Workout    January 26 2012


Cleans 135/95
Ring dips

A Valentine's Day Couples Workout WITH childcare? It's true! Leave your children in the care of these two capable, responsible, friendly, and wonderful Roots college kids. We also think they are a GREAT hire.

Valentine’s Day Roots Couples Workout

Are both you AND your spouse or significant other members at Roots?  Then mark your calendars for the Roots Valentine’s Day Couples Workout and Happy Hour.

When: Tuesday, February 14th at 5:00pm
Where: Roots
What: A couples team workout followed by happy hour.

Bonus: Child care!  We have arranged childcare (ie babysitting) for house trained children.  $10/child and $5 for each additional child.

  • Keaneferretti

    What if no one loves you to work out with you?

  • Keane

    What if no one loves you to work out with you?

  • Odie

    It’s ok Keane, you can hang out with us in daycare….but it’s still gonna cost you 10 bucks haha.

  • lisa p

    Being a single person, am I allowed to come hang out in daycare? I probably belong with the 4 year olds more than with my own peer group. 

  • Blakely Graham

    This is such a sweet idea!  You can count the Graham’s in!

  • Davis Hart

    Is “house trained” the right term? They’re not dogs….

  • lisa p

    Pretty sure “house trained” works for non-verbal humanoids, as well as dogs.