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OptimizeMe Nutrition is a functional medicine nutrition consulting practice to support optimal health for each client. Functional medicine is the whole-body approach to identify the root cause of disease or imbalances; functional medicine nutrition consulting uses education, diet, and lifestyle modifications to best support these aims. OptimizeMe focuses on meeting clients at their needs and develops targeted strategies for them. It is a personalized troubleshooting nutrition approach: support at the molecular level and also in the context of the whole person.

Clients may range from those seeking general wellness and prevention strategies to those with autoimmunity, food hypersensitivities, gastrointestinal distress, skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, among others. They may be seeking support no matter where they are on the continuum of significant dietary changes to more fine adjustments.

Schedule and Pricing

OptimizeMe is a consulting based service offered at a rate of $150/hour. Initial sessions are 1-hour in length; individual prices and plans are based on needs thereafter.

FREE 15 minute consults are offered for new clients (with no future obligations) to determine if our services meet your needs. Use the button below to email EC with questions or to schedule.


Three years after being diagnosed with celiac disease, my face developed a serious combination of eczema and rosacea. Creams and other dermatological treatments did nothing to fix the issue. Despite having an overall good quality diet and healthy life, I could not fix the problem. In a short period of time, EC was able to recommend a protocol that began to work within three weeks. Six weeks later and my face was completely clear! – and it was done in a natural way without using creams or UV light.

Nicole Christensen

Owner, CrossFit Roots

I have worked with EC for over 8 years, from coaching together, working out together to her being my coach and mentor for my CrossFit Games training. There is not another person that I have known that is so committed to excellence and results and has a passion to fuel this drive. Much of my fitness and nutrition knowledge started with learning from EC. Her ability to convey a complex and difficult topic in simple terms that allow you to get what you need has always amazed me. Simply put, EC is one of the most dedicated and impressive individuals that I have ever met!

Austin Malleolo

Owner, CrossFit ONE Nation

EC is one of the most competent, capable, and intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Pat Sherwood

Owner, CrossFit Linchpin

EC Synkowski, M.S., CF-L4

EC is a candidate for an MS in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine anticipated in December 2017. She also has a BS in Biochemical Engineering and an MS in Environmental Sciences (with an emphasis in genetics). EC is a Certified CrossFit Level 4 (CF-L4) Coach and worked as a Flowmaster on the CrossFit, Inc. seminar team for more than 10 years. Her strong science background, combined with the practical experience of coaching others, brings a unique ability to provide recommendations tailored to an individual’s goals and needs. Learn more.

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EvaClaire Synkowski is not licensed, certified, or registered by the State of Colorado as a healthcare professional, nor is she subject to licensure, certification, or registration by the State of Colorado. The scope of her services does not include treatment or diagnosis of medical conditions.