Hand Balancing Clinic

Spend some extra time each week developing hand balancing strength and coordination. We will train handstands as well as work on several different ways to balance on our hands. This development has a natural carry over to a more balanced overhead position as well as pushing strength.
Some of the movements we’ll be working on include handstand push-ups, handstand walking, press to handstand, cartwheel, and planche.
The program includes one additional day of programming each week that can be done before or after class or as a separate session during Open Shop. One of the cool things about hand balancing is that it can be done anywhere and doesn’t take any special equipment. All skill levels are welcome. If you have questions, contact Shane.
1x/week for 6 weeks
Every Tuesday at 6:30am from 9/12 – 10/17
1 additional day of programming provided each week
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CrossFit High School and Middle School Fall Schedules

Looking for a great fall program for your High School or Middle School aged child? Look no further!

The fall program kicks off Monday, August 24th with a new schedule. Our Middle School and High School programs focus on getting teens stronger, faster, and more explosive – a prescription that is ideal for increasing confidence inside and outside of sport.

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The Fall Schedules for the Middle School and High School Programs are listed below and begin on August 24th.

4pmTeens Weightlifting (invite only)
5pm Middle School/High School Combined
4pm High School
5pm Middle School
4pm High School
5pm Middle School