Many of you have had the pleasure of working with EC Synkowski in the Strongman Clinics. You may not know that EC is currently finishing up her masters in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine, worked for more than 10 years for CrossFit, Inc., on their seminar staff including course materials regarding nutrition.
The exciting news is that EC is launching her practice – OptimizeMe Nutrition – right here within the walls of CrossFit Roots!

A Note from EC.

I am thrilled to offer nutrition consulting as OptimizeMe Nutrition to the CrossFit Roots community and beyond. Functional medicine nutrition consulting uses nutrition and lifestyle inventions to optimize health.  The mission of OptimizeMe is to achieve optimal health in the context of the client’s goals and lifestyle. If there were such a thing as a perfect nutrition plan, it would account for the client’s lifestyle and beliefs just as much proper nutrient intake and quantity metrics. Each situation will have unique needs and considerations.  If you are curious as to whether OptimizeMe can help you, I am offering free 15-minute calls to discuss your concerns. I am currently accepting 10 new clients – click here for more information and to schedule. I am looking forward to working with you!