Meet at Centennial Middle School Track 

3 rounds for time of:
20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 50 reps
Run 800 meters

The children are coming for your WOD times...CrossFit Kids is in full swing this summer!

The children are coming for your WOD times…CrossFit Kids is in full swing this summer!

Meet at Centennial Middle School Track

Oh yea!  Meet us at Centennial Middle School Track for today’s workout at 8:30 or 9:30am.

Sure, running 800s in the parking lot is ok when you have to, but come test this mainsite workout on a real live track!

Centennial Middle School
2205 Norwood Ave
Boulder, CO


Shop Etiquette 

5 rounds for time:
5 handstand push-ups
10 one-legged squats, alternating
15 pull-ups
155-lb. deadlift, 12 reps
155-lb. hang power clean, 9 reps
155-lb. push jerk, 6 reps

Jason rocking L pull-ups in a sweet tank!

Jason rocking L pull-ups in a sweet tank!

Shop Etiquette

Thank you to everyone who contributed their thoughts, ideas, and reminders to the Shop Etiquette page!

As the top of the page says, “We’re a community of athletes bonded by the method in which we train, an admiration for each other’s individual accomplishments, and a commitment to personal accountability and mutual respect.”

A little etiquette goes a long way and we all need a friendly reminder now and again.  Please take a moment to read over the Shop Etiquette page!  It’s located in the About Us drop down, or you can view it here.

Performance and Body Composition Gains Through Refining the Inputs: Cara’s Challenge Recap 

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
15-foot rope climbs, 2 ascents
20 wall-ball shots, 20-lb. ball
Run 200 meters

Post rounds completed to comments.

Sure, we used this pic a week ago but COME ON - after a 2 month challenge this Mom, lawyer, and wife looks AMAZING and has the gym performance to back it up!

Sure, we used this pic a week ago but COME ON – after a 2 month challenge this Mom, lawyer, and wife looks AMAZING and has the gym performance to back it up!

Performance and Body Composition Gains Through Refining the Inputs: Cara’s Challenge Recap

1. Why did you sign-up for the challenge?  I had two main goals in signing up for the challenge:  (1) to lose body fat and lean out, mainly to feel better and so my clothes would fit better, but also to help with body weight movements; and (2) to reacquire some of the discipline and self control that I used to have with regards to food (both quality and quantity, as I opted to include a zone component to my challenge).

2. What were your intake dunk tank numbers?  Ending numbers?  Did you track any other health markers like cholesterol or blood pressure?  Did those numbers change?  
Beginning dunk tank numbers: 143.2 lbs, 117.5 lean lbs, 25.7 fat lbs, 18% body fat
Ending dunk tank numbers: 138.4 lbs, 116.8 lean lbs, 21.6 fat lbs, 15.6% body fat

3. What was your typical day of food like before the challenge?  My typical day of food before the challenge wasn’t all that different than while on the challenge, at least during the week.  Meals were made up of pretty much the same foods – eggs, nuts or nut butter, and fruit for breakfast; salad/roasted vegetables/fruit, rotisserie chicken/deli turkey/meat, and avocado for lunch and snack; and meat, vegetables, and avocado for dinner.  However, before the challenge, I also used to eat a 1 block snack before early a.m. workouts and generally ate too many nuts/nut butter and too much fruit.  I also snacked too much in the late afternoon and got into a few bad habits — eating chocolate (like every day!), drinking beer (after skiing on the weekends), eating sweet potato fries on the weekends, etc.

4. What was the biggest change you had to make to your food during the challenge?
  The biggest changes that I made were (1) cutting out my 1 block snack before early a.m. WODs to consolidate meals to 4 3-block meals per day (at 8amnoon4pm and 8pm), and (2) resisting additional snacking in the afternoons when I felt tired/low on energy and patience.  On Nicole’s advice, I cut the early a.m. snack to shorten the window during which my digestive tract is working (producing insulin) to 12 hours.  It was rough for a couple weeks – felt super low energy during WODs, but surprisingly, my performance didn’t suffer at all, and I did get used to it.  Now it’s much easier because I don’t have to make an extra meal and can use the extra time to foam roll before class (or sleep in 5 minutes!).

5. What did you see as the biggest obstacle to succeeding in the challenge?  How did you overcome it or learn to alleviate it during the challenge?  I think my biggest obstacle was trying to stay sane and not get crazy obsessed with food/eating (when is my next meal?  what am I going to eat?  what if I’m still hungry?) and fluctuations in my weight (I weighed myself every day).  I’m not sure that I did very well in overcoming this during the challenge – pretty sure that I was a little crazy the whole time!  I was a little too obsessed with the numbers on the scale and would get a little upset if it went up from day to day, but then it was also motivating to eat perfectly the next day.

6. What was your darkest moment in the challenge?  The last two weeks of the challenge were hard for me – I was sick of being super strict with zone (even with drinking opportunities and win meals) while not seeing super drastic results on the scale.  I felt like even though I had DOs/WMs to use, I didn’t want to use them because I wanted my weight to go down.  Also, during the last two weeks, my body started to feel really beat up (low back issues, left elbow tendonitis, etc.), which affected my performance during WODs and was very frustrating.  Other dark moments – dealing with guilt when I wasn’t eating perfectly according to zone.

7. Brightest moment in the challenge?  Two come to mind – one during the challenge, and one a couple days after it ended – and shockingly, both were performance-related (and neither were related to low numbers on the scale!).  1) I got dead hang pull-ups for the first time *ever* in my life (and I’ve wanted them since I was a kid, doing the “flexed arm hang” in the presidential fitness test) – what an awesome feeling!  Strict pull-ups literally have been my #1 goal since I started at Roots in May 2010. 2) I went for a run around my neighborhood a few days after the challenge ended – on my birthday, after having a few drinks and cheat meal (sushi) the night before, and not getting enough sleep.  I hadn’t run on my own in a while and would have thought it wouldn’t have gone well.  However, I felt great – ran up all the hills, felt strong/fast/good.  When that run ended, I was so happy and felt so good that oddly, it liberated me from my scale.  I never felt that happy just seeing numbers on a scale and it *finally* sunk in that it’s more important for me to go by how I feel, how my body is performing and how my clothes fit than what the scale says.

8. Did you cook for yourself only?  Family?  Friends?  How did they receive your new food requirements?  I cooked breakfast, lunch and snack for myself.  My husband cooks most dinners (and to be honest, I usually eat meat leftover from dinner for lunch/snack or otherwise buy rotisserie chicken/deli meat).  So, to rephrase, I cook eggs for breakfast and roast vegetables for lunch/snack; otherwise, I eat raw foods.  We didn’t cook for others much, and we didn’t go out much during the challenge.  My husband is used to my strict “food requirements” and was ok with it for the most part.  I think my giving up alcohol was the hardest part for him.

9. Did you notice a change in performance during the challenge?  Yes – I PR’d a bunch of lifts/workouts, got my first deadhang pull-ups, etc.  I would say my performance definitely improved, even though I often didn’t feel that great while working out (often felt tired and low energy, and had some nagging issues/tweaks).

10.  Did you notice any other lifestyle/health changes during the challenge?  Changes in sleep, energy, focus, aches/pains, happiness, leanness?  My leanness definitely improved during the challenge.  The other changes are a mixed bag — I actually didn’t sleep very well (often didn’t get enough sleep and had really strange dreams), often felt low energy, acquired some aches/pains, and was overall a little crazy/obsessed with food and results/weight.  That being said, it definitely made me aware that I tend to eat as an emotional reaction to stress/anxiety and when I don’t get enough sleep.  Ultimately, I also realized that eating according to zone/paleo is a long-term approach, not just for a 2-month challenge.  My results, while not as drastic as I would’ve hoped, were pretty good for 2 months, and should only get better as I stick with it long-term.  My semi-liberation from the scale was also a huge plus!



Saturday Workout – Don’t Miss It 


Hannah and Jeff are ready to deadlift.  Come get your deadlift on today!

Hannah and Jeff are ready to deadlift. Come get your deadlift on today!

Saturday Workout – Don’t Miss It

As many of you know, we follow the CrossFit mainsite programming on a two week delay.

That means that this Saturday, the workout will be:
3 rounds for time of:
20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 50 reps
Run 800 meters

This workout is MUCH more fun when done at a track and it’s sure to leave folks a disheveled mess (in a good way)!  Meet at Centennial Middle School.  We’ll see you there!

Friend and Family and CrossFit 

Overhead Squat 
10-10-10-10-10 reps

Laura and her daughter Maddie, both members at Roots, at the kick off at Memorial Day Murph.

Laura and her daughter Maddie, both members at Roots, at the kick off at Memorial Day Murph.

Friend and Family and CrossFit

It’s not uncommon for us to receive an email from a Roots member asking for a recommendation for an affiliate for a friend in another city or town in the US.  Many Roots members have brought friends and family to a CrossFit workout over the holidays when their family is in town.  And many Roots members have shared their desire to help a friend or family member experience CrossFit.

CrossFit, and the success it yields to those who follow its simple prescription, is contagious.

Have you convinced, inspired, or helped a friend begin CrossFit?

Post to comments. 


3 rounds for time of:
Row 15 calories
10 burpees

Jump over the rower on each rep of the burpee.


Accuracy is one of the ten general physical skills in one of CrossFit’s four models that go into it definition of fitness.

It plays a role in many CrossFit movements from wallball to the snatch and clean and jerk.

Accuracy also applies to sport.  Check out this incredible video (first :16 seconds) of the Oakland A’s left fielder Yoenis Cespedes throw to home.




In teams of two:
100 handstand push-ups
100 chest-to-bar pull-ups
100 wallball

Bryce muscle up

Bryce’s muscle up


Our diet has caused 20% of adults and 10% of children to have damaged livers on par with what is seen in heavy drinking alcoholics. 30 years ago this was so rare that there was no name for it. In 10 years 25 million people will have it and 5 million will need new livers!

Researchers are looking for a pill.

We already know the answer. Stop with the sugar.

Read about it on the New York Times Well blog

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and You. 

AMRAP 10 min
10 front squat (115/75)
10 KB swing (24/16)
10 box jump (24/20)

John ...

John has incorporated CrossFit Endurance into his endurance programming and training – with success!

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and You.

As the delayed onset muscle soreness sets in, come work it out this morning with a short and challenging ten minute AMRAP.

Never heard of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness?

Read all about it here.

Many athletes stick to an every other day schedule when they CrossFit three or four days a week.  The most classic example of this is the Monday, Wednesday, Friday attendance plan.  While this appears to be a good system in the beginning it has its downfalls.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is the friendly stiffness, fatigue and, well, sometimes downright pain, you feel in your muscles after a workout.  DOMS is a normal response to physical exertion and is part of the recovery process that adapts, strengthens, and recovers the muscles from the work the body just performed.

DOMS begins roughly 8 hours after your workout and peaks somewhere between 24-72 hours after the exercise event.  This is why you feel those 400 meters of walking lunges much worse on the second day after you did the workout.

So what does this mean for you and your training?  It means that if you workout on an every other day schedule you are always working out in the 24-72 hour peak window of DOMS.  While you might hit the workout hard it means that you are always working at a slightly decreased capacity.

So what are the options?  Perhaps try to get two workouts in back to back.  For example, Monday/Tuesday/Friday could be a good option.  Play with it and see what works for you!

Thank You! 

5 rounds for time of:
400-meter run
95-lb. thruster, 15 reps

Thank you Yasmeen and Lance!  You guys got in an entire workout mixing over 12 bottles of tequila worth of margs!  Holy shaking!

Thank you Yasmeen and Lance! You guys got in an entire workout mixing over 12 bottles of tequila worth of margs! Holy shaking!

Thank You!

A huge wonderful and Suerte thank you to Lance and Yasmeen for shaking, mixing, and pouring AMAZING Margs last night at the Cool Cruel Summer June.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the event.  We hope you had a great night!  We’ll see you for the Cool Cruel Summer July!

Cool Cruel Summer Tonight and Clarification! 

21-15-9 reps for time of:
225-lb. deadlifts

Cool Cruel Summer June
For Time: 100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
*Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next.
** If you plan to come to both the group WOD and the Cool Cruel Summer this evening, please tell the coach at class so we can swap out the pull-ups for something else. 

Come lay down the Hammer at the Cool Cruel Summer.

Come lay down the Hammer at the Cool Cruel Summer.

Cool Cruel Summer Tonight and Clarification!

Tonight is the night!  We throw down on the workout Angie, sip some Suerte Tequila Paleo Margs, and chow down on some Yellowbelly Chicken!

CLARIFICATION!: Before we run into more details we want to make one clarification about tonight’s event!  

You DO NOT have to do the workout in order to come to the event or participate in the happy hour!  Apparently some folks thought you couldn’t come unless you did the workout – NOT TRUE! (we DO ask that you don’t sip down on drinks and THEN do the workout).  If you can’t make it for the workout but can stop by to say hi and socialize PLEASE by all means come on over, we’d love to see you!  

Now for the nitty gritty on how it all goes down.  
It’s very low-key and a lot of fun.  We hope you come on out!

1. Show up anytime after 4pm.
2. When you come in, put yourself into a heat on the whiteboard.  No, we won’t have judges or anything like that but we will group folks together to have a few set group start times.
3. Check out the warm-up and scaling options listed on the whiteboard.
4. Ask a coach for help if you’re not sure about scaling options, how to warm-up, how many bands, or any other questions you have!
5. Do the workout!
6. Stay, have a drink, eat some food, say hi to some fellow Roots.

Questions?  Post to comments!