Daily Sugar Intake 

WODs will be at Centennial Middle School track Saturday and Sunday.

25min AMRAP in teams of 4:
100yd sled drag (70/45)
100yd slam ball carry (30/20)


Eric looking strong overhead.

Daily Sugar Intake

According to this article on NPR the FDA proposed a new nutrition label that also list the daily percent value of added sugars in foods.  “What this means is that, instead of just listing the 65 grams of added sugar in that Coke, soda companies would be required to list that it represents 130 percent of the recommended daily intake. In other words, that one bottle contains more added sugar than you should be eating in an entire day.”

Who decides the daily recommended amounts?  The FDA of course.  They state that added sugars should not exceed 10% of your daily calories.  For a 2000 calorie-a-day-diet that works out to 12 teaspoons or 48 grams per day.  Keep in mind that is for added sugars only which excludes naturally occurring sugars in foods like fruits.  To me, that number could be cut in half, especially given the current state of health of our country but maybe it will open some eyes when the label blatantly tells people that this 20oz. bottle of Coke has more sugar than you should eat in an entire day.  

What do you think?

August Newsletter 

10 rounds for time of:
5 handstand push-ups
10 one-legged squats, alternating


August Newsletter

Keep an eye on your inboxes for the August edition of the CrossFit Roots Newsletter.  Read up on all of these upcoming events and more!

– Summer Oly Meet
– Roots’ 6 Year Anniversary Party
– August Cool Cruel Summer featuring Suerte Tequila
– Annual Roots Harvest Hoedown Competition
– Oly Lifting Foundations and Fall Oly Club

Meet a Root: Aimee Rogers 

3 rounds:

400m run
21 kb swings (24/16)
12 pull-ups


Aimee also has an uncanny ability to levitate over barbells.

Meet a Root: Aimee Rogers

1. Vitals: Aimee Rogers. I started foundations with a group from work almost 3 years ago. I think it was September 2012. 

2. Where were you born/raised?  Born in New Jersey. Grew up in Midlothian, VA. 
3.  Married, kids, family?  Married (almost 1 year!). And I have a dog named Rudy.
4.  What do your days consist of?  I work on the creative team at Finish Line. 
5.  What is your favorite thing about CrossFit?  I love seeing myself improve. There are things I can do now that I never thought were possible when I first started. The benchmarks this past year have been so great to be able to track results.
6.  What is your least favorite thing about CrossFit?  Coming back after vacation or time away. 
7.  Favorite WOD or movement?  Anything with running and a barbell. I also really enjoy Holleyman. 
8.  Least favorite WOD or movement?  Double unders or burpees
9.  Do you have any goals in CrossFit?  This year my goal was to get a chest-to-bar pull-up. Since, I’ve recently accomplished that it’s probably time to set a new goal. I think being able to clean and jerk my body weight might be next.
10.  When you’re not CrossFitting, what activites keep you busy?  I love cooking. I feel like CrossFit has really opened my eyes to nutrition and has caused me to really take an interest in food and trying new recipes. I also enjoy running and exploring Colorado with my husband and dog.
11.  How do you make CrossFit a part of your weekly schedule?  I try to make it in 5 times a week. Usually at 5pm during the week. I travel for work which sometimes makes it hard, but I’ve found that visiting other boxes is fun and always makes me appreciate Roots even more. 
12.  Any favorite stories about a CrossFit experience?  Funny, comical, happy cool?  Last year I ran the New York City Marathon without training. I had planned to train but life sort of got in the way. About a month before the race I had not run AT ALL. I had originally written it off, but a week before the race I kept thinking about waking up on the morning of the marathon and feeling disappointed that I wasn’t at the starting line. I decided I’d rather start the race and possibly not finish than to not try at all. 
I devised a plan that for every 10 minutes I would run for 8min and walk for 2min. I thought that sticking to this interval from the start would help prolong the fatigue my legs would inevitably feel. I finished in 5hrs and 6min (about 40 min slower than my PR). When I crossed the finish I was overcome with so much emotion. I proved a lot to myself that day, mainly how strong I really am. I completed something most people thought was crazy. CrossFit really does prepare you for anything! 
This year I’m planning to run the Chicago Marathon in October. Yikes… I should probably get to training! 
13.  Anything you’d like to add?  I’d like to thank everyone at Roots for being so friendly and supportive. 


Overhead Squat


Mobility class smashing quads!


As we continue to push our bodies harder and harder throughout the week mobility becomes a larger priority.  With all that muscle building comes some very necessary basic maintenance in order to keep things moving smoothly.  And that is where mobility class comes in!
Mobility class is a half hour and offered twice a week: Tuesdays at 5:30pm and Fridays at 12:00pm.  We address areas that have taken a beating so far throughout the week and prep for upcoming WODs.  And requests are always encouraged!
If you haven’t already, try a mobility class and address those tight muscles, bust up those knots and soften those tissues before they have a chance to become nagging issues.
Have you attended a mobility class?

2015 CrossFit Games Recap 

thrusters (95/65)


This is part of the Yearly Benchmark Series.  Log Your Score.


Athletes were introduced to the peg board for the first time in the second to last event.

2015 CrossFit Games Recap

The 2015 CrossFit Games came to an end Sunday night and a new male and female stood atop the podium.  After 4 days and 13 events, Ben Smith and Katrin Davidsdottir are the 2015 CrossFit Games Champions.

Events kicked-off Wednesday with some very non-typical CrossFit workouts including a 2mile paddle board combined with swimming in the ocean and moving hundreds of pounds of sandbags with wheelbarrows resembling mini-tanks.  Day 2 became known as Hero Day as athletes started the morning with Murph and finished with Heavy DT.  Day 3 involved an obstacle course, flipping a 560 lb refrigerator shaped block known as the pig, legless rope climbs, handstand walking, and rounded out with bar muscle-ups and heavy thrusters.  On the final day, athletes were surprised with some completely new movements involving peg board ascents and double kettlebell deadlifts at 203 lb each!  Did you know kettle bells even got that big?!

At the end of the week athletes looked completely spent and rightfully so.  40 each of the world’s fittest men and women showed up to compete but in the end only 2 would walk away with the gold.  All the athletes performed wonderfully and truly demonstrated that the limits of the human body are far from defined.  We’d like to throw out a big congratulations to Camille on winning Event 10, Triangle Couplet, and finishing 13th overall.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Just Checking the Box 

5 rounds of:
3 minutes of rowing
3 minutes of rest
Post total distance rowed.


Bird hasn’t let a setback stop her from getting fitter.

Strengths, Weaknesses, and Just Checking the Box

Last week we talked about hitting WOD’s with all-out intensity vs. pacing and how both methods have a place and should be a part of every athletes toolbox.  Today I want to discuss the considerations that should be made when you see a WOD.  
In any WOD there are going to be things that you’re good at and things you’re bad at.  Sometimes the entire WOD consist of things that are weaknesses and other days, though they seem to occur much less frequently, are all strengths.  Depending on which category the movements fall into our approach to the WOD as a whole changes.  Strengths are going to be attacked.  These are movements we are proficient at, we feel confident with and typically know how hard we can push ourselves through them.  Weaknesses are movements we know we will struggle to get through and if attacked too aggressively will lead to redlining our heart rates.  These also tend to be movements that frustrate us quickly.
When looking at the daily WOD see what your strengths are and plan to attack them hard.  This is where we need to make-up time because we know there will be plenty of rest once we get to our weaknesses.  Once at our weaknesses we need to have a plan.  Break things up into smaller sets or just take a slower pace in general and chip away.  If a workout plays to all strengths then it’s going to be a great day and you should go into it with a PR in mind.  If you’re looking at all weaknesses, then buckle up and get ready for the ride.  Stay patient, keep calm and just keep moving.  Remind yourself often that a weakness won’t become a strength in one workout.
Now, the last category a workout may fall into is what we like to call a “check the box” kind of day.  I first heard Nicole use this term and I think it sums it up perfect.  Some days you’re going to come in feeling beat-up, wether it’s because of a long day at work, a vacation of crappy food and drinking, a night of little sleep or maybe it’s been a tough week in the gym.  On these days you just need to come in and get the workout done.  Check the box.  Did the workout; Check.  No expectations and no beating yourself up when it’s over.
Approaching the WOD with a realistic attitude of how things are going for you that day, that moment, will help you keep things in perspective and get more out of your training.  When HQ throws you a bone, jump on it!  When they throw you a curve-ball stay calm and chip away.  If it’s just an off-day, then recognize it as such and just check the box.
What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Have you ever just checked the box?

Regularly Learn and Play New Sports 

5 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
30 GHD sit-ups
30 hip extensions

Regularly Learn and Play New Sports

What new sport are you trying today?  

Post to comments.

Last Chance Roots Apparel Order 

Front Squat 10-5-3-1-1-1-3-5-10

Last Chance Roots Apparel Order

Don’t miss out on all the sweet new Roots’ apparel.  Tomorrow, Sunday, is your last chance to pre-order your new 6th Year Anniversary tee, tank, hoodie, or all of the above!

You can either order at the Roots’ front desk or online through the Square Store.

Shirts are expected to come in the week of August 14th, just in time for the Anniversary Party!

Round 2 

Chipper 2
21 parallette handstand push-ups

15 snatches (165/105)
9 muscle-ups


Round 2

For those who came yesterday this workout may look familiar.  Same rep scheme but with two new movements.  Muscle-ups are still on the menu, but don’t worry we have an entirely different way to scale than yesterday that will help you on your quest for the muscle-up.

And to keep with the theme, it’s also the second day of the Games for the Individual and Team competitors.  Go to ESPN3 or come into the shop to see all the action.  Murph is up first for the Individuals!

Throwback Thursday 

For time:
21 one-legged squats with a 65-lb. dumbbell
185-lb. clean and jerks, 15 reps
9 muscle-ups


Recognize anyone?

Throwback Thursday

With our 6th year anniversary approaching I couldn’t help taking a trip down memory lane in the CrossFit Roots Flickr account.  Here’s a throwback to Roots’ early days in the old space.  Still the same shenanigans and a lot of the same people, just a much smaller space and not as many toys.  

We enjoy our new home but we never forget our Roots!

Were you around at the old shop?