Get Focused. Mobility Focused. 

Ring push-up ladder
Rest 5 minutes
Body-weight front squat ladder

David testing out the new pull-up bar at the shop.

David testing out the new pull-up bar at the shop.


Get Focused. Mobility Focused.

Sometimes mobility goals take consistent effort – doing the same mobility work day in and day out. The best way to make that happen is to set aside time to do your mobility work every day. And, because we want the best for you, we’re going to expect that you set aside time every day in your busy lives to do this. “Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids;” January is time for you to get focused on mobility.

You don’t want to sell the kids? No problem. As it turns out, we’re going to have you do the mobility in class. Starting this Tuesday, the next time you come to class you will be assigned two mobility tasks. Every day you come to the gym in January, you will do THE SAME two tasks during mobility time in the class hour. You’ll get good at those two tasks, which is the point.

The goal is that you’ll see significant improvements in important mobility aspects.  

In general, each athlete will be assigned one of two hip mobility tasks and one of two shoulder mobility tasks. We’ll post more details before Tuesday. Your coaches will decide for you. This should be fun, and we’re excited to see what improvements we make as a community.

Happy New Year! 

Open Shop
10:00am – 12:00pm

Here's to a happy 2015!

Here’s to a happy 2015!

New Year’s Eve Three Rounder! 

3 rounds:
20 front squats (95/65)
20 push press (95/65)
20 pull-ups


New Year’s Eve Three Rounder!

Come on in for a three rounder to get your ready for the New Year!

Last class at 12:30pm today.

Reminder! – New Year’s Class Schedule 

5 rounds:
35 double-unders
25 calorie row
15 toes to bar

An entire workout with an empty barbell?  How bad could it possibly be?  Ask Gavin is you're not sure!

An entire workout with an empty barbell? How bad could it possibly be? Ask Gavin is you’re not sure!

Reminder! – New Year’s Class Schedule

Tomorrow’s class schedule (New Year’s Eve)
Wednesday, December 31st – 6:30/7:30/8:30/9:30, 11:30/12:30

New Year’s Day
Thursday, January 1st – Open Shop 10:00-12:00

It’s a HoliDAY, not a HoliWEEK (or holiMONTH) 

Ring-dip ladder
Rest 5 minutes
3/4 body-weight hang power clean ladder

For the ladder pattern, perform one rep the first minute, two reps the second minute, three reps the third minute, continuing as long as you are able. Use as many sets each minute as needed.

Bones is one of our all-time most consistent athletes.  Consistency pays off and it shows in Bones' fitness.  Get in your workouts.

Bones is one of our all-time most consistent athletes. Consistency pays off and it shows in Bones’ fitness. Get in your workouts.

It’s a HoliDAY, not a HoliWEEK (or holiMONTH)

The holiday season has an incredible ability to derail all of the good stuff you’ve worked hard for over the past year.  Even if you indulge just a little bit, it’s still out of your norm.  Holiday parties (yes, we had one at Roots so we’re somewhat responsible), school celebrations, gifts of food, family gatherings, and the overall feelings of anticipation and excitement can send us into a downward spiral of missed workouts and consecutive evenings of overindulgence.

Sound familiar on this Monday morning right smack between Christmas and New Years?

I honestly think that in the case of holidays, food is an integral part of our celebration. The hard part is making the distinction between the food we really love and the insane amount of holiday crap that fills our worlds during the holiday span. The other hard part is getting back on your A game after the holiDAY. Notice I emphasized “day”, it’s not a holiWEEK.

While flying home on Saturday, Eric and I chatted about how to get back on track after a wonderful, but indulgent, three days home on in Virginia.  We decided that it started with one good meal – dinner, when we got home.  Instead of buying some easy takeout on the way home from the airport, we would stop at the grocery and make a perfectly solid Paleo dinner.  That night we sat down to tomato soup, chard, and chicken.  It was delicious but as much as I’d love to say it hit the spot, I was definitely craving all the food we’d had the past few nights.  That’s just a fact of getting back on the wagon, it’s not glamorous or exciting, and sometimes even a little bit of a let down.  Suck it up.

But really, sometimes that’s all it takes.  One good meal, one good night sleep, and one good workout the next day to flip the switch back to what you know makes you thrive and perform your best.

The big trick at this point on the calendar is to make the decision NOW.  Don’t give in to this week and make New Year’s a weeklong celebration.  

Here are some tips for a strong holiday reset.  No, this isn’t a cheesy list of lame recommendations.  We’re not Shape Magazine, after all:

1. Make your next meal perfect.  No exceptions.  Doesn’t matter if you eat in or out, make it something where there is zero question as if you made the absolute best possible decisions.
2. Get in your workouts.  Today is Monday.  Make the commitment to get in here four times between now and Sunday.
3. Clean out the house.  No, you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Day, or worse, the week after.  Hit the reset button now.  Get rid of the junk that has accumulated over the holidays.
4. Do some research.  Google Paleo and Zone and read through the search results.  Reading blogs and articles on the topics is motivating.
5. Tell a friend.  Call, text, email a friend at the shop and tell them your plan.  Hold each other accountable.

What’s your strategy to get back on track after the holidays?  Post to comments. 

New Year’s Class Schedule 

Handstand walk 100 meters
If you fall, restart at the point of contact furthest from the finish.

Did you get double-unders in 2014?  Post to comments.

Did you get double-unders in 2014? Post to comments.

New Year’s Class Schedule

Check out the Holiday Class schedule for this week:

Monday – regular class schedule
Tuesday – regular class schedule

Wednesday, December 31st – 6:30/7:30/8:30/9:30, 11:30/12:30
Thursday, January 1st – Open Shop 10:00-12:00

Friday, January 2nd – regular class schedule

Final Benchmark Workout for December 

3 round for time:
30 Squat Cleans 95/65
30 Pull Ups
Run 800M
This workout is part of the yearly benchmark series.  Compare your score from September and log your time for today!

The gym is improving across the board on its ability to do dips!

The gym is improving across the board on its ability to do dips!

Final Benchmark Workout for December

Today is the fourth benchmark WOD for December – Badger.  Come on in and get a score!

The Day After… 

3 rounds for time of:
Row 50 calories
150 double-unders
50 walking lunges

Seven minute of burpees.

Seven minute of burpees.

The Day After

Come on into class and get that body moving post-holiday!

Merry Christmas 

No classes today.

Nice extension Molly!

Nice extension Molly!

Merry Christmas

Friday Class Schedule:



Double Time and Happy Eve 

Double Time
In teams of 2:
AMRAP 2min: Squat Cleans (135/95)
AMRAP 2min: Push Jerks (135/95)
AMRAP 3min: Squat Cleans (135/95)
AMRAP 3min: Push Jerks (135/95)
AMRAP 4min: Squat Cleans (135/95)
AMRAP 4min: Push Jerks (135/95)
One athlete works at a time and reps may be split up however the team chooses.  Each team is allowed 2 bars.  Running clock, no breaks between AMRAPs.  Score is total reps.


Double Time

We know we stated that we would post the food challenge results today.  We’re waiting on a few pieces of information to tally up the group averages.  Stay tuned!