Five rounds for time:
30 wallball (20/14)
15 GHD sit-ups

To celebrate the findings presented in the article on coffee, I had four shots (some of them doubles) between 7 and 11:30am yesterday.

Updates, Reminders, and Coffee.

Yes, I realize the title of the post says “updates, reminders, and coffee” which, recalling from my 4th grade grammar and writing class, should make me remember to present the information below in that order.  Whatever, we want to talk about coffee first.  But we also want you to keep reading to learn about the updates and reminders.

Many of us have done it at some point in our life, yes you.  We have given up coffee.  We read an article, talked to a friend, or watched a news spot about all the negative effects of coffee – it will mess with your cortisol levels, it will ruin your sleep, and it will make you wrinkle and age quickly.  And with this information we decided to do the unthinkable – we decided to go one week, one month, or some other dumb period of time without the black liquid gold.  But no more!

Read this article.  Smile.  Be happy that health and fitness are not inhibited by your coffee addiction consumption.

The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like

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