EMOTM for 15 minutes:
1 Hi-Hang Snatch + 1 Snatch

While Ali’s broken foot has been a source of much frustration, it has not been an excuse to skip workouts.

Pushing Through Injury.

Being injured is no fun. At Roots, we do everything we can to avoid it. We nitpick technique; scale judiciously; and spend the extra time to address our mobility issues. But sometimes, it rears its ugly head even in spite of our best efforts. When it happens, it can be devastating. On the mild side, injury can derail our training and push us off course. If it’s major, it can impact our health and life in far more serious ways. If you’ve ever been injured enough to force you to take significant time off, you probably know that it takes a psychological toll as well.

Frequently we get asked if it is ok to workout if you are injured. Unfortunately, we can’t answer that for you. Every person and every injury is different. But often, the answer is “ABSOLUTELY YES”! In many cases, movements can be modified to spare your injured component. Your coaches are happy to help you figure out the best substitutions or modifications to get you the gist of the workout while allowing your injury to heal. If the workout is just incompatible with your working faculties, we will help you come up with a rehab version of the workout to at least get you moving, get some blood flow to the injured area, and hopefully speed the healing process. So don’t let it keep you away. Get to the door, check in with the coach, and do something for your mind and body.

By the same token, if your injury or illness needs you to take time off to heal, you are wise to listen. Continuing to train and put stress on an injury that is not getting better is an all too common trait of committed athletes. Denying an injury exists will not get you any closer to being 100% and can often set you up for more serious injury and a longer layoff. And if you do find yourself on the injured reserve for a few weeks, don’t drown your  sorrows in pizza and a 6-pack. Put some extra energy into the other components of health and wellness.  Catch up on your sleep. Dial in your nutrition. Dig into mobility work. Develop a skill.

Post to comments and tell the community how you’ve used a forced layoff to come back better and stronger. There might be some injured athletes that could use a dose of encouragement.