Tracie puts her fitness to work playing with the family.

Why I CrossFit.

We all have different reasons for doing this. As a coach, it is often helpful to think about what motivates particular athletes as it can sometimes help you to help them. I’ve talked to several people over the last few weeks who have wanted to make the point to me that you don’t do this to compete. Over the next few months, we will pay a considerable amount of attention to the CrossFit Open and the pathway to the CrossFit Games.  While we think that every athlete who participates will make gains in their personal journey with CrossFit, we also understand if it’s not your desired playing field.  We are all competitors, and each find different and similar joys in doing CrossFit.

When we talk to new people about what CrossFit is, we tell them that it helps us be prepared for whatever obstacles life, sport, or crisis might throw at us. If I had to pick the number 1 reason that I do this, it would be that in some form. This weekend, I was on an adventure in the mountains with my kids, and I enjoyed using my fitness to “just play”. Later, when one of my kids got a little too adventurous sledding, and impaled herself into a snow bank at 20 MPH, I used my fitness to navigate deep snow on a steep hillside to get to her and make sure she was ok. Crisis? Not really. But the conditioning, strength, and fitness that I work on every day in the gym found its function when I needed it.

 So what is it, Roots? What motivates you to CrossFit? (And don’t worry, we ARE paying attention and WILL do our best to use anything you say against you in our classes!)