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Why I CrossFit.


Why I CrossFit.


Tracie puts her fitness to work playing with the family.

Why I CrossFit.

We all have different reasons for doing this. As a coach, it is often helpful to think about what motivates particular athletes as it can sometimes help you to help them. I’ve talked to several people over the last few weeks who have wanted to make the point to me that you don’t do this to compete. Over the next few months, we will pay a considerable amount of attention to the CrossFit Open and the pathway to the CrossFit Games.  While we think that every athlete who participates will make gains in their personal journey with CrossFit, we also understand if it’s not your desired playing field.  We are all competitors, and each find different and similar joys in doing CrossFit.

When we talk to new people about what CrossFit is, we tell them that it helps us be prepared for whatever obstacles life, sport, or crisis might throw at us. If I had to pick the number 1 reason that I do this, it would be that in some form. This weekend, I was on an adventure in the mountains with my kids, and I enjoyed using my fitness to “just play”. Later, when one of my kids got a little too adventurous sledding, and impaled herself into a snow bank at 20 MPH, I used my fitness to navigate deep snow on a steep hillside to get to her and make sure she was ok. Crisis? Not really. But the conditioning, strength, and fitness that I work on every day in the gym found its function when I needed it.

 So what is it, Roots? What motivates you to CrossFit? (And don’t worry, we ARE paying attention and WILL do our best to use anything you say against you in our classes!)

7 Responses

  1. My answer isn’t so simple or short but here goes: I started CrossFitting because having grown up always on the “bigger” side it was the only fitness program that actually achieved results and that I didn’t immediately grow tired of. From there it became my way of getting into shape for Rugby. Then I started to thoroughly enjoying Oly. As the results just kept accumulating in both my physical and mental realm I had to share it with everyone I knew, so I started coaching. Now I stay with it to stay in shape (I train for life!) but also to keep up with athletes. You don’t have to be the best athlete to be a coach by any means but it sure helps if you can at least hang.
    What I enjoy most about CF now is that whenever there is a new sport or hobby I wish to try, I can. While I may not be the best at any one thing I take pride in knowing that I can at least participate in anything. That fact allows me to enjoy life to its fullest and I don’t know of any other fitness program that can open that door.

  2. Patty Frohme (aka Cap'N)

    I think the underlying reason for joining Crossfit is probably the same for most people. They
    want to get into, get back into or stay fit. Having said that, I think everyone’s personal
    journey on getting in the Crossfit door is another story. I have been a soccer player all my life and a runner since college (I know, you wouldn’t know it from my workouts!) but got derailed.
    Over six years ago my husband and I started trying to conceive. For anyone who has had trouble in this area, you know it can be a long slow process that wears you down emotionally,
    mentally, physically and financially. After a lot of loss, a lot of fertility drugs, and even surgery, I came out the other side 30 lbs heavier and without a baby and devastated. My running had suffered – my pace dropped by about 3.5 minutes per mile and one day a week at soccer was more about drinking beer afterward than actually getting a workout. In short, I was not that interested or motivated anymore. Thanks to Frasier and J-Ro for introducing me to Crossfit and encouraging me to join. While I am still not back to my optimal running pace and have not (yet) taken off all of the full 30 lbs, I am motivated again, I love the workouts, the inspiring athletes and coaches, and I actually look forward to getting my WOD on. Thanks to the old 9am class who kept me going, I am better for it!!!!!!

  3. Rob Flanagan

    So I thought I would leave this message here – pretty good timing. I have a dog named Maddy who is a Brittany Spaniel. Needless to say this bird dog has a ton of energy and we love to go on long hikes and snow shoe trips. This past weekend I took her snow shoeing in the mountains and she ran away chasing a bird for over an hour and a half. As it got later in the day, the sun is going down, the temperature is dropping rapidly, and my own level of exhaustion was setting in from going off trail to look for her; I thought for sure she was gone for good. I then dug deep I ran, stumbled, climbed the two miles back to the top of the hike. I just couldn’t in good faith not try one more time to find her if she was lost. Lucky for me she was hanging out back at the top just waiting for me. There is no way I could have handled the physical exertion, especially in the declining weather conditions, without cross fit. From the endurance, climbing over trees, lifting fallen trees out of my way, and mental strength. My dog thanks everyone.

  4. Stef

    I initially started CrossFit because Eric and Nicole suggested I check it out. I was living in Southern California not really doing anything active. I mean, I would sign up for a 5k here and there (if the t-shirt was cute) and I made it to the big box gym a couple of times a month, where I would watch Top Chef on the elliptical (I have no clue why but at the gym I went to ALL of the tv’s were tuned to the Food Network), but other than that and the occasional hike or camping trip I wasn’t super active. I went into CrossFit Marina in Huntington Beach for a free intro and was hooked! I don’t know exactly what it was, I liked that I didn’t have to figure out what to do on my own, I liked that it was measurable so I could actually see progress and I loved that there was a group of crazy people doing it with me. For the first time since high school I felt capable and like I was accomplishing something. I knew I was a goner the first time I saw a muscle actually move in my arm when I was putting my hair in a ponytail… I actually SAW it contract and thought holy crap! This works! I, like Shane, started to realize this could transfer to any activity. I started competitively racing outriggers, upping my hikes, and taking this new confidence and strength outside. I don’t usually win at workouts and I don’t beat myself up about that. I’m not super competitive on the whiteboard but I have seen huge progress in my own times and skill level. That being said, I AM signing up for the open. Do I have dreams (or should I say delusions) of making it to the Home Depot Center in June? Nope. But it IS fun, it increases my accountability for a few weeks and I’ll get to see where I am compared to last year. And, when I’m watching the Games, I’ll know that I was a little part of the action. I think I will consider it completing not competing 🙂

  5. I joined Crossfit because I was sick of doing Hip-Hop Abs in my living room. I received a wonderful recommendation to this program and have loved it since day one, even though I haven’t always been the most consistent with my attendance. I stay with Roots because of the community and kick ass coaches.

  6. I literally stumbled into CrossFit when a box opened down the street from my former home sweet home in Pgh and I did the “nebby neighbor” thing. Popped my head in and said “whatcha doin’??” It was in April after a MILESTONE b-day 3 years ago and let’s just say your pal CAL was on the fence about fitness in the springtime of 2nd half of her life. The last thing you’d have heard anyone say about my family was “oh my, y’all are so athletic”, lol! Sure, I did my fair share of walking, YMCA eliptical – even taught BodyPump & Spin class back in the day — anything to stave off genetic propensity for heart disease – though I never quite measured up to the GloboGym instructor standards of blonde & bosomy – oh well. And running, FUHGEDDABOUDIT!
    So I walk into my first CF wod with a bunch of young whippersnappers who welcomed me with open arms, gathered at the end of the alley yelling “Go CAL Go” when I thought I was going to die on the spot the first time I “ran” (ha!) 400m, and starting referring to me as an “athlete”. It was intoxicating then…3 years later I’m STILL hooked on the CF Koolaid (er, coconut water that is..) and have my eye on the Colorado Masters in Oct this year. Even considering it is a huge PR for me w/ respect to getting past old “head trash”.
    I’m definitely going to register for the CF Open again this year because what’s not to love about Happy Hour afterward?! Alice is my (S)hero at 30 out of 232 in her class in last years Open; I’m pretty sure I’m 232 in that same class and that’s OK with me. I can lift my 87y.o. 165# Dad off the floor when he claims his legs are broken. I’m the go-to person in my ‘hood when guys my age with bad backs need help moving furniture. And my neices/nephews think I’m the Awesome in AwesomeSauce :-). Any questions?