Backsquat 5-5-5-5-5
HSPU ladder
Complete 1-3 reps E:30OT:30 for 5 minutes.

Handstand Push-up Work

Since the first week in February the programming at Roots has incorporated some type of handstand push-up work once per week outside of the workout of the day but within the class hour.  The nature of this work has been a moderate number of reps (10-50 depending on the athlete) and an effort level dialed in to the athlete and their current ability level.  The type of handstand push-up has ranged from strict to kipping to deficit.

The coaches think that all of this has been helping as evidence in athlete performances not only in the skill sessions but also in the workouts that have come up that have handstand push-ups.  Now, we want to hear from you.

Do you think the consistent weekly practice of handstand push-ups has improved your abilities from when we began two months ago?  Have you done handstand push-ups for the first time in a workout in the past two months?  Post to comments.