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Abby takes home the Crocktoberfest Cup!

Abby takes home the Crocktoberfest Cup!

And the Winner Is…

The competition was thick at this year’s annual Crocktoberfest.  Sixteen crockpots signed up and entered the challenge.  The judging was meticulous as Shane, Blaine, Julia, and Jake worked to taste and evaluate each dish in three categories: taste, creativity, and presentation.

In the end, one crockpot and its owner stood atop the podium.

It is with great pleasure that we announce your 2013 Crocktoberfest CHAMPION: ABBY KNOWLES!

Abby took home first place with her Country Pork Ribs recipe.  She also took home the people’s choice award!

Want the recipe for these amazing crockpot creations?  Don’t worry!  We’ll put together a Crocktoberfest Cookbook again this year!  Coming soon!

Thanks to everyone for coming out!