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The Erg WOD is back!


The Erg WOD is back!

21 Deadlifts (255/155)
Handstand walk 21 meters
15 Deadlifts (255/155)
Handstand walk 15 meters
9 Deadlifts (255/155)
Handstand walk 9 meters

Whiteboard showing weights

It should be spotless at the shop today because there was a whole lot of cleanin’ going on yesterday

The Erg WOD is back!

Coach Lauren is back and brought the erg WOD back with her. Starting next week, Wednesday at 5pm, you’ll be able to get your row on.

Welcome back Lu!


4 Responses

  1. Jasmine Yap

    Yay! Erg WOD is back! Wait a minute, did I just celebrate the return of an hour of rowing every week? Hahaha…
    Welcome back, Lauren! Looking forward to jumping back in 🙂