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15.2 PRs?


15.2 PRs?

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3 rounds for time:
10 power cleans (185/135)
25 KB swings (24/16)
50 double unders

Steve is loving The Open.  Are you?

Steve is loving The Open. Are you?

15.2 PRs?

15.2 is now in the books but a lot of great things happened for athletes who tried their hand at this nifty interval combo of pull-ups and overhead squats.

Did you get your first chest-to-bar pull-up?  PR your score from last year?  Get your first chin-over-bar pull-up? 

Post to comments.  We want to know!

3 Responses

  1. Googs

    I tripled my score from last year! Admittedly, that sounds more impressive than the actual score, which was only 21 reps. But that does mean I got ten unbroken overhead squats, and ten chest to bar pull-ups, which are also the first chest to bars I’ve ever gotten in a workout, and still got back over to that barbell for another rep. Last years’ seven reps were all PRs, one right after the other, too. No doubt about it, CrossFit works, and the Open is the place where people like me can really enjoy bearing witness to it all.