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“The Chief”
Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power cleans (135 lb)
6 Push-ups
9 Squats
Rest 1 minute then repeat, for a total of 5 cycles.

The Chief is a classic hero workout in CrossFit.  It was also adopted as the Roots Anniversary workout after it was done at the Grand Opening in 2009.  We do The Chief every year during the week of the Anniversary Party.  While this is an individual workout, it takes on an incredibly “team” sensation. 


We’re celebrating five years! Don’t forget about the annual Anniversary Party and Family Picnic on Sunday at 11am at North Boulder Park. And check out the sweet new anniversary tees at the shop!

Happy Five Year Anniversary Roots!

Doing anything for five years is a long time.  I mean hell, in my personal life, I can think of tons of things that I can’t even imagine doing consistently for five days, let alone five years – making my bed, emptying the dishwasher, throwing out my coffee cup from the car, and getting the mail, come to mind.

As I sit in front of my computer writing tonight’s blog post (the 1,834th blog post), I know that for the past five years I have thought about my athletes, coaches, and gym every single day for the past 1,835 days.  What struck me is that those three elements inspired me every day to not only think about them – but to act for them.

I can think of countless examples in my life where motivation has evaded me and therefore big ideas or goals fizzle and are forgotten – but not at Roots.  You, the athletes, coaches, and Eric:), have inspired me through your actions, workouts, progress, and the stories you have shared.  And in turn, I want to do better for you all.

We certainly have not done everything right over the past five years.  But I can whole heartedly tell you that we have always worked to correct our mistakes, faults, and shortcomings and that the needs, wants, and rights of our athletes and coaches are at the forefront of our decisions – and they guide our direction forward.

It’s been an honor to work with each of you for the past five years.

I want to thank everyone for taking a chance on us and CrossFit.  I am so proud of the community that is Roots – you all are amazing!

Thank you for the inspiration.  And happy five year anniversary Roots.