It’s week 2 in the Roots’ CrossFit Open! We plan on continuing to ride the fitness wave that we started last week with new food vendors and sponsors to keep it all fresh. Details below BUT FIRST, don’t forget to log your 17.1 score from last week on the Games site!
Sponsors and Prizes
Last week was Ladies Week (don’t sweat it guys, we have you covered too) so this week we’ll be changing gears and moving to something a little….nuttier. Perfect Bars is our week 2 sponsor so be sure and enter the raffle this Friday night!
Warm-up Coach, Week 1 – Nicole Christensen

Each week the warm-up area is stocked with a Roots coach who is affectionately called – The Warm-up Coach! As you all know we will be running WODs in heats through the night which means you’ll be responsible for warming yourself up but have no fear, a Warmup Coach will be near!

In addition to the coaches that are present and floating around to help you with the Open, each week there is a designated Warmup Coach (WC) in the warmup area.  The WC will change each week we’ll introduce them here, in the weekly guide. 

The WC is there to answer any questions you have regarding how to warmup (a specific warmup will be written on the whiteboard), discuss movement standards, chat about “to scale or not to scale”, how to approach the workout, give you a pep talk, and all that good stuff.  They will also gather you and the rest of your heat minutes before it is time for your heat.

Food Sign-up
Food for pre-order will be provided by Nick-N-Willy’s Pizza. They have delicious roasted wings and garden salads for order, so make sure you check it out and pre-order HERE or use this QR code:

Step by Step Guide
1. Watch the LIVE Announcement on Thursday night at 6pm to learn the workout. Go here to watch or come by the shop, we’ll have it on!
2. Sign-up on MBO for a heat time for Friday night. Heat times will be posted by 8pm in MBO on Thursday evenings. If you can’t make Friday night, be sure to sign-up for a regular group class.
3. Show up on Friday. We recommend arriving 30 minutes before your heat begins so you have plenty of time to change clothes, check-in with the WC, and get ready.
4. Do the workout!
5. Eat Nick-N-Willy’s wings, BYOB, smile, you did it!

Questions about any of this? Post to comments.